It is the underground cave cities of the Urgup area with its tombs, palaces and homes carved into the mountain side that bring visitors to this area.

Urgup Turkey is a small inland town in the historical region of Cappadocia in the Central Anatolia Region. This is an ancient and historic region with 2000 year old homes tombs and churches carved out of the soft volcanic rock of the hillside.

There are two options for international airports serving Urgup: Kapadokya International Airport, Nevsehir (KAP) 47km and 40 minute drive or Erkilet International Airport (ERK) 72km which is a 1 hour drive. Bus or taxi ground transportation is also available

The climate in Urgup between June and September has an average high of 26⁰C and a low of 15⁰C so quite sunny and warm. Their winter is October to May with average highs in Oct and Nov of 18⁰C. Average high are 5⁰C for Dec, Jan & Feb. Mar around 10⁰C, Apr 15⁰C and May 20⁰C. Be warned though night-time and winter temperatures can drop to 0⁰C due to the mountain height above sea level. Travelling here in the winter requires warm clothing.

Things To Do

Urgup Turkey shares the role of traditional tourism centre of the Central Anatoila, Cappadocia region with the town of Goreme and to an extent with Uchisar. Both towns have historic rock cut cave buildings some with pillars in front, all built directly into the hill side. The cave dwellings have been used as homes, churches and tombs for centuries.

Whether you are backpacking and hiking or touring in air conditioned luxury Urgup has accommodation to meet your needs. International quality hotels with spars have been built that will provide a romantic holiday, a family get away or the chance to explore this wonderful Central Anatoila, Cappadocia region of Turkey.

For a quieter stay there are Bed & Breakfast establishments who cater to your needs with quality and efficiency are plentiful. Where to stay when visiting Urgup? There are modern hotels and resorts, guest houses and B&B’s but why stay in a hotel room when you can rent a 2000 year old cave or a recently carved one?

A number of the hotel chains manage these luxuriously restored caves rooms. This is what you came here to see so why not experience the pleasure of sleeping in a cave as well, there is nothing quite like it.

Restaurants of every variety are available to meet every dietary and budget criteria. When in Turkey you must try the local Turkish food. It is deliciously cooked to perfection with a background of 3000 years of culinary history.

Local bars and restaurants play a mixture of Turkish and western style of music on an eclectic collection of instruments. Go and enjoy the background entertainment to a tasty meal.

Our Top Tips:

• Tours of the rock will take you underground into the homes, churches, graves, and monasteries of the past. Tunnels travelling long distances have been discovered.

• Hiking in the area is a popular way of taking a self-guided tour. A climb to the top provides a stunning panorama view. Hot air ballooning over the incredible landscape is a favorite way of getting a bird’s eye view of this very different region. The Balloon ride company will pick you up at your hotel.

• If you want to see the incredible countryside views of Urgup without hiking the hills it best seen from a jeep safari tour. For those who have not experienced the freedom and fun of driving your own jeep, playing follow the leader with your local experienced guide or being driven, you need to try this activity.

This can be family fun or a romantic drive through the Turkish villages past caves and incredible scenery. You will see local women dressed in traditional costumes and may even find them cooking the local delicacy “gozlene”. This is a pancake made of a kind of flatbread and filled with meat, cheese or just maybe fruit and honey.

• When in Turkey a must-do, for the not too timid, is the Turkish bath known as the Hammam. In Urgup a few spars offer this service in a cave location.

The ancient rock homes, tunnels and tombs will draw you to Urgup; they will haunt you and bring you back.


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