Yasmin Hammamet

Yasmin Hammamet

The latest and the best that Tunisia has to offer the tourism industry is combined in the newly developed resort town of Yasmin Hammamet located on the Mediterranean coast. From Golf to theme park it has it all, just waiting for you.

Enfidha-Hammamet International Airport just 40km south west and is the closest international airport with direct flights to and from all major European cities.

The summer climate June to September averages a high of 35⁰C with lows of 22⁰C while the winter temperatures average highs of 18⁰C  average lows of 12⁰C going down to 8⁰C in Dec, Jan, Feb and Mar.

Things To Do

Yasmin Hammamet a popular European holiday destination and the ease of air transport and reliable local ground transport has made this area a major attraction. Restaurants, coffee houses, luxury hotels and resorts with their golf courses, swimming pools and nightclubs mingle with robed camel drivers drinking mint tea in the shade on the stunningly white soft sandy beaches.

This is the new town of Yasmin Hammamet but there is still the old quarter where you will find the fortified Medina dating back to the 13th century. The fertile Cap Bon Peninsular separates Yasmin Hammamet from Tunis the capital of Tunisia and lends its beauty as a backdrop with the luxuriant green hills and many Kilometers of citrus and olive groves.

Although the beach is why most European tourist arrive here the town is also well known for souvenirs made of jasmine.

Yasmin Hammamet has new luxury self-contained resorts where their restaurants, spars and pools provide an attractive safe holiday destination in this part of the world. The area has also many new and glamorous hotels to pamper your needs and have been designed for your holiday pleasure and relaxation.

For a break from work, a romantic holiday or a family get away Yasmin Hammamet provides it all with opportunity to explore this wonderful country from a luxuriant home base on a stunning beach.

For a family this is a great place to stay with the evening-out entertainment option within the resorts and the sand, sea and pools all day for the children.

You culinary delights are meet in the restaurants of Yasmin Hammamet with recipes from around the world but Arabic and French dominate adding to the charm of the area. Whether you want quick food in a relaxed atmosphere or you are ready for an evening out they recognize that food is a major part of your holiday pleasure. Food is available to meet every dietary and budget criteria.

For a light snack small cafés are available and bottled water, coke, coffee or mint tea can be purchased.

There are a few nightclubs located in the hotels and resorts that cater to the European tourists.  The DJ’s and live bands have a distinctly French and Arabic feel about them and this adds to the experience. Most hotels and resorts offer lounge entertainment a few nights a week.

Our Top Tips:

• The Beach – with its palm umbrellas for shade and sun loungers under the pale blue sky with the Mediterranean at your feet. This is what you came for.

• Swimming and water sports, wave runners, parasailing and of course Banana boat rides.

• The Souks, the experience of the Arab culture at its best.

• Yasmin Hammamet Medina – is the walled fortified old city containing the market and workshops of traditional Tunisian life. Within the fortified walls and cobbled streets you will see the high walls that protect the homes.

The door to the homes are solid wood with iron rivets and plates all set into arched stone entrance ways. The door will be closed.  An official guide may be able to get you inside the see the archeological wonder of Arabic home construction. Ask.

• Hammamet Cultural Centre (Villa Sebastian)

• Great Mosque and theSidi Abdel Kader Mosque are great examples of Islamic architecture

• Nabeulis the Cap Bon Peninsula’s main market town surrounded by the fertile luxury of the peninsula’s agricultural land. The Friday Market is a fresh produce kaleidoscope of colour and action. A photographers dream.

It’s also a craft-making centre of the peninsular with bargains in Jasmine, pottery and plaited mats. Here you will find the best prices of gifts in the area.

Yasmin Hammamet a relatively new resort town built with northern European holiday tastes in mind.

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