Essaouira is a port town located on Morocco’s west coast facing the Atlantic Ocean.The combination of water sports, beach, castle and a living Arabic history make this a tempting holiday location. Morocco is a Muslim country, their religion and culture deserves our respect so do check if Ramadan coincides with your visit.

If it does, do not avoid it, but plan to learn and enjoy the rich experience of the Arab world after the sun goes down.

During the summer months there are weekly charter flight between northern European cities and Essaouira itself. The nearest international airport is Marrakesh Menara International Airport 178km to the west. The drive to the coast is by Taxi or “Supratours” bus which offers cheap bus travel to Essaouira (book in advance).

The climate in Essaouira summer, June to September, has a high of 21⁰C with an average low of 17⁰C. Weather in general: Mild with only 5⁰C temperature change between summer and winter. Rainfall is mostly in November to April and averages 315mm per year.

Things To Do 

Essaouira is the windsurfing and kite boarding centre of Morocco, the powerful trade wind blowing almost constantly onto the bay. Big waves do come so care is required. To protect the blue and white boats that make up the fishing fleet a large breakwater has been built below the castle.

The battlements and rows of cannons were placed there to keep the British out in the 18 century, today it brings them in. Fishing and tourism are the main industries.

As a seaside city with easy access for tourists coming through Marrakesh or Casablanca,

Essaouira understands the attraction of its history and its beaches. Many new luxury hotels have been built, designed for your holiday pleasure and relaxation, whether you want a romantic holiday, a family get away or the chance to explore this wonderful country from a home base on a stunning beach.

For a quieter stay there are vacation rental houses and many Bed & Breakfast establishments who cater to your needs with quality and efficiency. For a family this is a great place to stay with the evening-out entrainment option within the city and the sand all day for the children.

Restaurants of every variety are available to meet every dietary and budget criteria. When in Morocco you must try the local Couscous with lamb or Tagine lamb /beef a truly finger licking eating experience. Fish of course is also plentiful.

Many hotels sell drinks in their lounge area or by the pool. Some offer floor shows and many have musical entertainment. Some restaurants offer local musical talent during your meal.

Our Top Tips:

• Walk along the breakwater, past the boat yard.

• Walk the fortifications and look down the barrel of one of its original cannons

• Treasure hunt the ancient 11th century Medina with its cloth covered pathways providing shade and a sense of suspense. Allow the noise and the fragrances to envelop you.

• Stroll the art galleries, drink coffee or mint tea in one of the beach cafes.

• Rent a car or hire an official guide with a car and explore the surrounding area.

• Guided walking tours are popular

This is the place to try Kitesurfing or Sailboarding when the waves are down during July and August.

Essaouira is easy to get to from northern European cities for a short or long stay. It is an enjoyable introduction to the Arab world.

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