On Tunisia’s eastern coast Skanes has been built as resort location to take advantage of the boom in the tourism industry. It is there to help you absorb the warmth of the Mediterranean sun, beach life and golf courses or enjoy the North African culture of food and the chaotic souks.

Monastir Habib Bourguiba International Airport located just 4km away is the nearest international airport with good connections to most of the European major cities. Reliable ground transportation will get you quickly and efficiently to your holiday hotel or resort.

The summer climate, June to September, averages a high of 30⁰C with lows of 20⁰C while the winter temperatures average highs of 18⁰C and average lows of 10⁰C with very little rain.

Things To Do

Skanes just a shot ride from the city of Monastir. The newly rebuilt marina and medina of the holiday town of Skanes has shamelessly pushed itself into the center of Tunisian tourism.

It is a town that has welcomed the onrush of tourist invaders from the north. The difference between these invaders and those of the past centuries is; now they pay. The ancient Ribat (fort) has been rebuilt and cleaned up by the movie industry who are ever keen to show people what they expect to see. Below this Disney world exterior lays real history. Julius Caesar was here.

In Skanes many new luxury hotels and self-contained resorts have been built designed for your holiday pleasure and relaxation whether you want a romantic holiday, a family get away or the chance to explore this wonderful country from a home base on a stunning beach.

For a family this is a great place to stay with the evening-out entertainment option within the resorts and the sand, sea and pools all day for the children.

Your culinary delights are meet at Skanes with recipes from round the world but Arabic and French dominate adding to the charm of the area. Whether you want quick food in a relaxed atmosphere or you are ready for an evening out they recognize that food is a major part of your holiday pleasure. Food is available to meet every dietary and budget criteria.

For a light meal small cafés are available and the food can be complimented with bottled water, coke, coffee or mint tea.

Most of the entertainment in Skanes is to be found in the area hotels. Western style floor shows and Arabian feasts are typical. A few hotels and resorts also cater to the European tourists with DJ’s and live bands. For those looking for a more northern European night out then the city centre of Sousse is just down the road.

Our Top Tips:

• The Beach – with its palm umbrellas for shade and sun loungers under the pale blue sky with the Mediterranean at your feet. Water sports, wave runners, parasailing and of course Banana boat rides. This is what you came for.

• The UNESCO protected medina dating back some 3,000 years

• Sand dune biking or camel riding on the beach or out into the desert

• Gift shopping

• Sousse ArchaeologicaL Museum – This building is an old Fort full of Byzantium history, mosaics, bowls and other local artifacts.

• Sahara Desert by 4WD – a full day escorted trip into the desert.

• Three day Jeep Safari – drive your own jeep in a follow the leader style with pre-selected rest and sightseeing stops. You will never forget this experience.

Skanes is a holiday destination bursting with history, luxury and charm. Let it entice you.

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