Jebel Ali

Jebel Ali

Looking for a good purchase or rental holiday condo deal at Dubai’s location? Then Jebel Ali (UAE) is the place to consider. The development has slowed down over the past few years but expats from round the world have started to move in. This is a modern beach and city mixture on the Persian Gulf at almost affordable prices.

The nearest international airport is Dubai International Airport located 35 km away from Jebel Ali.

The climate in summer between May to October is an average high of 35°C with an average low 25°C. The winter is November to April nut still has only an average 10°C lower than summer temperatures.

Things to do

Dubai’s new “Waterfront” zone, Jebel Ali, consists of sky scrapping hotels, resort complexes, commercial and residential property and has been under construction since 2006. The plan to develop this remaining coastal area into the biggest and the best that Dubai has to offer.

Started in 2006, and although construction slowed down in 2011, it is carefully moving forward today as demand increases. Today the people from round the world are starting to move in buying the condominiums and creating a vibrant rental market.

With its man-made palm shaped islands and oil based luxury “The Waterfront” is starting again to fulfill its developer’s 2006 dream.

Jebel Ali has many new luxury hotels and new resort’s built in an area southwest of Dubai. It is all designed to provide the best for your holiday pleasure and relaxation. It is theideal place for a romantic holiday, a family meeting place for oil workers or a short business stopover.

Hotels, resorts and apartments are available to suit all budgets. Older hotels are located closer to Dubai Marina and, while not as upscale as those on “The Waterfront”; they are still clean, comfortable and much more affordable. For a family this is a good place to stay with the evening entrainment options at the local hotels only a short taxi ride away.

The Waterfront restaurants at Jebel Ali are elegant and sophisticated providing fine dining or a casual experience. Supplied with plenty of fresh food the eating experience is there to tempt every diner no matter what your tastes or dietary needs. It cannot be considered low cost but it is considered good value for money.

You will find resident DJ’s in local hotels supported by guest singers and dance troupes. With a choice of comfortable lounge style seating, selected covered or rooftop dining with moon and stars as a canopy Jebel Ali and its neighbour, Jumeirah Beach, can achieve the perfect entertaining experience. Go out and enjoy your time here.

Our Top Tips:

• The beach and park at “The Walk” are only 12km away.

• Night markets, where it seems you can purchase anything in the world.

• Dubai Private tours by bus or four wheel drive. City or desert. it’s a great way to see this rapidly changing region of the world. You will meet desert nomads and influential Sheikhs.

• Sand boarding, using the sand dunes, it’s like snowboarding in the warmth.

• A romantic dinner for two in the desert.

• View the Burj Al Arab Hotel. Shaped like a sail boat under full sail you are unlikely to get into this seven star hotel on your own. With a seven star rating it can afford to be selective.

But your guide can take you to the visitor’s centre which is a mind blowing experience and watching the sunset behind the steel and glass sail is well worth the visit.

• Shopping in one of the world class air-conditioned Malls even if you only window shop is part of the experience of being in Dubai.

Spoil yourself, spend a week in Jebel Ali and you may never want to go home.




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