The Malaysian island state of Penang, located on the northwest coast of the Malaysian peninsular, boasts the ability to grip the modern world while holding on firmly to traditions and historic past.

The state of Penang Malaysia has its own international airport, appropriately called Penang International Airport. The airport is located 14 km away from George Town, the island state capital city.

The island of Penang located as it is in the centre of the Asia-Pacific trade area has a thriving tourist industry while also being Malaysia’s industrial manufacturing center.

Positioned in the tropics, Malaysia reaches south, over the South China Sea and has tropical weather conditions ranging from daytime highs of 32c to lows of 25c. The humidity can also make it seem a lot hotter.

Things to do

Penang has it all, modern hotels and resorts to suit all budgets. With so many good places to stay the choice becomes difficult. Penang Island offers all that will tempt you to Southeast Asia, from lively modern cities to remote villages hidden in genuine rainforest. The main resort areas are the northeast with a few to the southeast of the island.

In addition to the air service the island is connected to the mainland by a ferry and a road bridge opening up greater opportunities to explore.

The influences from its cultural melting pot of Malay, Chinese, Indian and European backgrounds have created a varied, friendly society that will entice you to simply want more.This can be seen in the buildings and the assortment of great food; Penang is considered to be the food capital of Malaysia with quality restaurants for every taste and dietary requirement.

Transportation on the island, as with everything else, shows the cultural mix in the form of horse drawn carriages, rickshaws and today we have the “Rapid Penang” public bus service covering the island and of course there are Taxi’s and motor scooters.

There are also many well preserved heritage buildings to see in George Town, which led to the town gaining a listing as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site.

The island with its ancient temples, fascinating villages with thriving local markets together with wonderful beaches makes Penang a holiday destination of choice.

Penang National Park in the northwest corner of the island makes a great day trip.

A unique place to visit for the average northern European is the Penang Islamic Museum with its displays on the history of Islam from the time of Mohammad to today.

Penang also lures visitors with its beautiful coasts, its excellent beaches and calm seas. The natural and man-made attractions are too numerous to name.

Penang is a tropical utopia. Here every visitor can find what they want from a holiday, be it sun worship and water sports, historical buildings, the vast nature reserve or a cooking class.

Penang Island is waiting for your visit.

Our Top Tips

• Penang National Park (Taman Negara Pulau Pinang) used by scientists, researchers, and nature lovers to explore its natural treasures.

• Kek Lok Si Temple, the higher you climb the more breath-taking it becomes.

• Penang Peranakan Museum, full of rich culture and antiques for all who are interested.

• Tropical Spice Garden, many types of local fruit trees and visitors can sample or feast on quite an array of fruits.

• Cannon Street one of the colorful streets within the heritage zone, coconut ice-cream is a must to try; it is delicious, as well as the local food you can find in one of the many local restaurants in the street.


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