Haroon Qureshi Amazon Course Review

Haroon Qureshi Amazon Course Review

Haroon Qureshi Amazon Course Review

Over the last couple of months we have had a few concerned readers asking us about the Haroon Qureshi Amazon Programme that he is offering, you know, the one that sounds too good to be true! Their concerns varied from ‘Does it actually work’ to ‘How does it work’ to ‘How come it costs so much’ and so on. The usual common questions that anyone who was thinking about forking out a huge chunk of money would have.

Now although we are in no position to judge anyone’s intentions we are in a position to offer a view, an opinion, a ‘sitting on the fence perspective’ or whatever else you wish to call it, based on experience and insight. More so when the number of worried questions begins to head towards triple figures. As the saying goes there is no smoke without fire.

Luckily one of our readers has already been involved with Haroon and his Amazing Course so we will now hand this pedestal over to the relevant voice of experience to air his views.


Salaam to all and let me introduce myself. My name is Yasser and I first came across Haroon Qureshi whilst surfing the internet and landed on the Work For Jannah/Muslim Entrepreneur Group website, also known as Muslim Entrepreneur Network (not to be confused with Muslim Entrepreneurs Network – only one letter in it but a different organisation altogether). Haroon claims to be the CEO of this group although this particular website is nothing more than an advert with an enticing video getting you to provide your contact details.

This I did and was subsequently emailed acknowledgment followed by another email explaining how I would soon be making a tonne of money with this great Amazon Selling Programme. However the doors to this programme were not yet open so I had to wait a little longer.

The ensuing wait consisted of me receiving a series of emails building my excitement up to the point where I almost had my credit card out in anticipation. There were several emails with video testimonials of brother and sisters all claiming how they were making an amazing amount of money even in the first few months. It just sounded too good to be true. I couldn’t wait to start.

Luckily by the time the doors for registration finally opened I had come back down to earth a little. It was probably the £1500 (reduced price!) price tag that I was hit with that helped. So exactly what was I getting for my hard earned money? I needed to do some research before splashing out.

It turns out that our Brother Qureshi is offering nothing more than his version of the Amazing Selling Machine programme that has already been reviewed on this site. The basic process is the same. Learn about Amazon and how it works, find a suitable supplier in China to buy products from, buy these products (ideally in bulk) and get them sent directly to Amazon who will sell them. Amazon takes a cut and you receive a small profit.

It all sounded great and simple however I soon learned that it was all missing out some very, very important information too. In my annoyance I decided to contact Haroon directly with some questions. Here is what I asked.

Br Haroon I have a few questions:

Firstly how can you justify the cost of this course? £1500 for providing information that is already produced so no cost involved to yourself. And that is your reduced price so initially you were asking twice as much!

If, as you claim, you are doing this to help our brothers and sisters build a better financial future why not simply charge £50, £100 or even £500 to cover your admin costs and still leave you a little extra?

You already state how financially successful you are so why then charge £1500 for something that costs you next to nothing? Is this an acceptable, fair and halal margin?

Also can we have contact details of all those in your video testimonials please? If they are happy to be filmed about their success surely they won’t mind answering a few questions? Especially in the name of helping out our Muslim brothers and sisters.

Surely the best form of reference is letting your successful students talk to others right? And offer them guidance and motivation? This question was also asked by others on his Facebook page but never replied to.

Most importantly why is there no mention anywhere of the future costs involved after spending the initial £1500? These costs can be £3000, £5000 or even £10000 so why withhold this vital bit of information? Again is hiding this cost an Islamically acceptable way of doing business?

This is a vital part of this course. The £1500 is simply the joining fee and access to some online information products. You are required to spend a lot more than this to actually get started and even more before you see a return let alone any profit.

And finally… This course may well help a small minority earn a substantial income but please tell us how many have spent thousands and not even made even their money back let alone a profit? After all anyone about to spend a significant amount of money needs to be made aware of the risks involved and the statistics of success.

Not only did I not receive an answer I was also subsequently barred from his Facebook page! That made my decision not to join pretty final. Although to compensate my feelings there were a few others who dared to question banned too so at least I was in good company.

After my unanswered questions there was another video email sent out claiming to answer some common questions that were being asked.

On the question of price Haroon Qureshi states that it is great value for money but it needs to be high for buyers to take it seriously as a ‘budget’ course would not be taken seriously. If he really is helping the Muslim community as he claims then what difference does it make to him whether they take it seriously or not? Since when did we pick and choose who we decide to help?

A lower price would get a lot more people involved and therefore a greater percentage of success. Although this would also result in greatly reduced profit margins for Haroon. The cost of providing online information is minimal so therefore the majority of the £1500 is pure profit!

The question of on-going costs was also addressed. Haroon claims that this programme can be set up with £100-£1000 (over and above the £1500) to purchase products or inventory as they are referred to. In reality this will result in either very little or no profit.

Most Chinese suppliers are only interested in bulk orders to then offer a reduced rate. Spending £100-£1000 means you pay over the odds for the products meaning minimal profit margins and most likely end up with the less desirable products too. Your realistic spend to see a decent return needs to be around £3000-£5000.

He does go on to clarify that if you are already financially struggling then this course may not be for you. Yes I would give all credit to Haroon for this statement if only he didn’t then continue to add that to succeed in any business you need to take risks and spend money!?

On the question of how much money can you actually make he dances around the subject a little. There is some response on how any business takes time to evolve and how it depends on the product and how much you put into it and so on.

He goes onto to state that you should allow maybe 6 to 12 months or even more for any real success so how come all his video testimonials claim to be making thousands in the first few months. Are they really representative of the overall success rate?

The thing that really turned me off this brother was his comments on not wasting time trying to obtain a degree and then settling for a 9-5 job. Feel free to promote your programme Haroon but please do not belittle anyone else’s life choices.

I know plenty who have worked extremely hard to obtain their degree, have fantastic jobs and are truly happy. And not only that they also live their lives with a conscious.

Okay back to The Halal Foundation for your thoughts.


Thanks for the input Yasser your time is appreciated.

Firstly we just want to add that what Haroon Qureshi is offering is not a complete scam in our take on the word. In our eyes a scam is taking your money and offering you either nothing or something completely useless in return.

This course clearly can and does work however maybe not in the straightforward and simplistic way it is promoted as. Whether it is worth the huge price tag is another discussion. In our opinion definitely not but others may disagree.

To see how this course works in principle check out our review of Amazing Selling Machine. Haroon Qureshi actually enrolled on the Amazing Course run by the same guys that started the Amazing Selling Machine hence virtually the same programme.

These guys are very good at what they do, and what they do is teach you how to make massive profits by selling overpriced information products to those looking for a quick fix. Seeing as the ‘Get Rich Quick’ market in general is pretty saturated Haroon has simply (and quite cleverly) redirected the same principles to his niche market which is the Muslim community.

Yes it is entirely down to Haroon how he decides to promote this course and the price tag he wishes to put on it and there is also evidence that for a few, this course has worked. In the name of business this is all fair and good.

However if Haroon is looking at promoting this in the name of ‘helping the Ummah’ or whichever phrase he may choose then this is definitely a big No-No.

Milking the Muslim community out of a substantial amount of money while claiming to help them is not a compliant way of doing business. As Muslims we are programmed to trust certain types of individuals; having a beard, looking smart and throwing in a few religious references here and there seems to do the trick for most.

It is also pretty clear that Haroon Qureshi is missing out some very valid points here. The on-going costs are played down and the risk of failure totally missed out. If you are asking a premium price then ethically you also need to explain the risks involved and the chances of success/failure.

Brother Haroon Qureshi you need to be upfront about exactly what you are promoting, what it entails, all costs involved and the risk/success rate it incorporates, especially seeing as we are not just talking about loose change here. It is not easy to save up these days and we are also personally aware of students who have borrowed (despite your warnings we should add) the money to sign up to your programme and then gave up as they had no further funds to continue and neither received a refund.

On the subject of refunds one thing that Yasser failed to mention was the Money Back Guarantee that is included. The seven day no quibble money back option has to be applauded. We all know sometimes it is too easy to make a rash decision and regret it later; however this covers that particular risk. All credit for making this clear.

The 30 day money back option though is not as exciting. The claim here is that you will only receive this refund if you can prove you have followed all the steps in the course. This type of guarantee has been going for a while now and is something we personally do not approve of.

For this type of course especially, a month is nowhere near enough time to make a judgement. The likelihood is that those spending £1500 initially are probably already in a full time job so don’t have as much time as required to get their head around this course in the 30 day time-frame let alone put it into full practice. Then having to prove that you have taken all required steps is no more than a get out clause for the seller.

We came across this a couple of years back when Andrew Reynolds of Cash on Demand fame selected a few members for a special course and offered a full refund even after twelve months. Yes you guessed it, the member had to prove he /she had followed every step and carried out every instruction to claim.

Not only that but these guarantees also state ‘If you have made no money…’. In reality thismeans even if you have made just £1 or $1 then as far as the guarantee terms are concerned you have made some money and are therefore exempt from any refund. That fact that you may have spent a few thousand just to make £1 doesn’t even come into it!

If you really want to help our Muslim Brothers and Sisters why not extend this period to three months? Better still why not just offer a free trial in the first place and let everyone look over the course and decide if it is for them or not and indeed if it worth the asking price? That would be truly helping our Muslim community.

To sum it up this is a hugely overpriced course and is based on a business model that can work but involves some initial outlay, time, commitment, ongoing expenses and of course a bit of luck.

Don’t expect instant results as this is a progressive business and realistically you are looking at six months or so before you start seeing any significant profit and twelve months or more before you can really see its potential.

You have to seriously ask yourself if this is something you really want to invest your money in and can afford to lose your investment if it doesn’t work out?

As a suggestion if you are still seriously thinking of joining this or a similar programme why not join as a team. Split the cost between three of you and once established then help the second member set up and in turn help the final member. This may reduce the initial profit margins but the risk is also significantly reduced.

And finally in the interest of fairness we also invite Haroon Qureshi to respond to this review. We would also like to offer him some free advice; blocking people who simply have some questions they want answering is not a good look and only shows your true unprofessional-ism and promotes the view that you have something to hide.

 Halal Income



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95 thoughts on “Haroon Qureshi Amazon Course Review”

  1. Asalaamualaikum wrb.

    JazakhAllah khayr for these comments and opinions.

    I believe this brother Haroon Quereshi has evolved/reinvented himself. The current course of Dec ’22 is “e-com experts”
    I am very nearly about to invest in this.
    I think I am going to insha’Allah. Allahu’alim.

  2. Their YouTube ads are in full swing. In the background you hear Arab-esq music as though they are promoting something religious. Very misleading. As soon as I saw the ad, I thought… I hope people don’t sign up to this!

  3. Worst online experience ever!!!

    This review is for Haroon Qureshi’s Launchroid.com

    1. Extremely poor service.
    2. They did not issue refund although I asked refund within 30 days. I have all the screenshots available. If one needs any proof, I am happy to provide. The support team guy finally blocked me from whatsapp when he felt morally guilty.
    3. The support team guy used to respond to my messages almost instantly before I purchased the course. But when I asked for refund, he started to respond once in two or three days. He once responded after one month. I have all the screenshots available.
    4. Overall, extremely poor support and unwilling to refund.

    Be aware of such websites. Never purchase anything from them.

    1. omg.. pls send me screenshots.. I was v impressed with him and wanted to invest.. I wonder how they ask money and use words such as alhamdulillah mashallah.. do they not get scared of the day of judgement.

  4. Someone from Haroon qureshi team called me to ask a few question then tried to sell hard a new course which is apparently heavily discounted (from £6,000) to the tune of £100 per month she wanted me to buy the course immediately after 1 hour of talking telling me it’s the last day before the price goes up, so I said I don’t make decisions like that immediately and needed more time since then I’ve been getting calls every other day but I’m not answering her calls
    They are now calling it launchroid

  5. I’m so glad that I found this page. I went to the recent weekend seminar by MEN/Leverage at Novotel in Hammersmith, London on 4/5 Nov. I wanted it to be real and not a scam. I mean who could disagree with the whole #WeAreOne thing, and building a network of like-minded Muslims who want to help each other and give to charity etc. It sounds wonderful. However, the reality I far from that. The Mirza brothers and the two Haroon/Harun are great salesmen – but that’s it. They use Islam to lull people in to their trap. The whole thing stinks and lots of people are waking up to it. Taking people from many desperate Muslims who want to make money, not providing contracts, very limited paper trail coupled with the act that all four men have very little evidential credible tracks records in business. This seems nothing more than an elaborate Ponzi scheme.
    Having said that “Rocky” was asked by a sister on stage, in front of hundreds of people when contracts would be provided, because the Quran commands that contracts be made. “Rocky” promised contracts to be provided within a week, and now it’s been much longer than that – and still no contracts. So that’s another broken promise. Alarm bells should be ringing for every single person who has invested.

    There should be a contract in pace for everyone and anyone who have given any money to Leverage/MEN.

    O you who have believed, when you contract a debt for a specified term, write it down. And let a scribe write [it] between you in justice. Let no scribe refuse to write as Allah has taught him. So let him write and let the one who has the obligation dictate. And let him fear Allah, his Lord, and not leave anything out of it. But if the one who has the obligation is of limited understanding or weak or unable to dictate himself, then let his guardian dictate in justice. And bring to witness two witnesses from among your men. And if there are not two men [available], then a man and two women from those whom you accept as witnesses – so that if one of the women errs, then the other can remind her. And let not the witnesses refuse when they are called upon. And do not be [too] weary to write it, whether it is small or large, for its [specified] term. That is more just in the sight of Allah and stronger as evidence and more likely to prevent doubt between you, except when it is an immediate transaction which you conduct among yourselves. For [then] there is no blame upon you if you do not write it. And take witnesses when you conclude a contract. Let no scribe be harmed or any witness. For if you do so, indeed, it is [grave] disobedience in you. And fear Allah . And Allah teaches you. And Allah is Knowing of all things.

    (TMQ Surah Baqarah 2,272)

    On Stage, Rocky promised to provided contracts to everyone within a week. This has not happened and he has not been true to his word. No one from Leverage/MEN has informed the investor to explain why the contract has now been delayed.

    I don’t know what genuinely sincere Muslim brothers would choose to use alias names such as “Rocky” and “Com”. What is wrong with their real name and why not use them in a Muslim gathering?

    There are all incredibly good salespeople and they certainly have the gift of the gab. They all come on stage and say the right things and talk about giving to charity and share their stories about hajj and umrah.

    Muslims attended the event because we all have similar ambitions about Muslim unity (#WeAreOne) we want to be financially secure and build stability for ourselves and out families. No can argue with that – but are we being gullible if someone’s sells us false hope and dreams.

    Muslim Entrepreneur Network was incorporated in 2016:


    Suite 318 Crown House North Circular Road, London, England, NW10 7PN

    “Leverage” does not seem to be a registered entity in the UK but they have a cheap looking website despite being allegedly run by someone called “Rocky” Rafaqat Mirza who calls himself a “tech guru” and “mathematical genius”.


    His previous ventures are alluded to here but it’s hard to tell how much was really revenue generating and how much is smoke and mirrors mixed with bravado and faux success:




    Many of Rocky’s webite are set up by someone called Anu Aujla or Amandeep Aujla.

    Why is someone who is Sikh so closely involved in each and every business that he has. Is this is wife?

    The ‘Empty Trip’ app can be downloaded from appstore – but for me it didn’t work.

    I could get it to work despite a number of attempts and maybe you will have better luck. The app on Adroid has the name ‘Arif Mirza’ who is another one of their brothers based in Dubai. Some of the children on stage were Arif’s children and not Rocky’s children.

    It is not a unique idea and many other companies are already doing similar things. I have submitted a Freedom of information request to see if Rocky genuinely had a meeting with TFL and UKTI which we claimed at the weekend seminar.

    “Rocky” was joined on the day by his brother “Com” Mirza who alleges he is already worth $500million – yet his LinkedIn profile just shows a string of fake companies that do not exist. I have checked with Dubai chamber of commerce and they do not have a record of any of his alleged companies such as Mirza Holdings, DCF Contracting LLC, Car Rental Dubai, Race Care Renta Car LLC etc.


    Com Mirza was bragging about launching a new crypto-currency – but the website doesn’t show much:


    It defies belief that someone allegedly worth $500million doesn’t have more of a financial footprint in terms of how he made all this money.

    He talks about being an “investor” in various companies – but that means nothing. Anyone who has technically bought shares in any company is an investor.

    If I buy one share in Facebook then I am an investor in Facebook. This is all misleading language from Com.

    If you look at is Instagram profile – it just constantly shows him bragging about how much charity he has given or his has photos/videos of him posing with fancy cars – I don’t even know if any of these cars belong to him or not.

    No contracts are provided to anyone for their “franchise”, no terms and conditions, and although they offer a money back guarantee, again this is all verbal and nothing in black and white. There is no visible audit trail or business plan that has been shared. Money is taken with just verbal promises and nothing more. Just this alone is unlawful and unethical.

    Subsequent to the event I started to look in to this more deeply as it seemed to stink of a financial scam and I heard from someone people that they have been trying to obtain refunds but without success.

    On their website, Muslim Entrepreneur Network talk about recognising financial scams – but ironically they meet all of the criteria that they are telling other to watch out for:


    I estimated that to date they have collected a minimum of around £2million but it could be anything upwards of £4million

    They do not appear to be VAT registered (not sure if they need to be, but probably should) but there is no clarity around what they are doing and they even admitted on Sunday they have not yet formed the investment vehicle for the money they have been collected.

    They have 300 investors who have each invested a confirmed £5k each with some investing £10k. There were called the “Leverage 300”. Then a further 1000 people have been asked to invest between £25k to £50k (some in instalments) and then they have ambitions to take this to a further 5000 unwitting investors for possibly even larger amounts.

    There were cameras at the event and the whole thing was apparently being recorded so you should be able to view what they have said and promised. When questions were asked about contracts, they replied by saying that’s not how they work, but people have to trust them.

    On the Saturday evening, they allegedly ran a webinar (which they talked about) where they rake in a further £1.15million from unsuspecting personal trainers to whom they sold the promise of a personal training franchise.

    No information or evidence was provided to explain how they collected this money – how many personal trainers attended or how much money each personal trainer paid – or even what kind of contract (if any) they have with the personal trainers.

    1. Excellent analysis. The bottomline is stay clear of people like Haroon. They are basically sales people, who use Islam to make huge amounts of money for themselves. Scammers dressed in Islamic attire!

      Crooks need to be exposed, and challenged.

  6. The warning are not to be ignored brothers and sisters.
    Your hard earned money should be seen as Rizq, Blessings from Allah and Amanah

    I have heard quite a bit about MEN and after being randomly approached via text and even someone from my contacts (who i’d probably met at a weekend course) to join their #Leverage Programme I decided to investigate for my own peace of mind and for my community.

    All i can say is there are no legitimate sources to substantiate any of the claims made by the founders with regards to their accomplishments, wealth and even statements they make about their programme and i’ve dug deep into the web.

    Just by typing in one name of their founders i discovered a list of failed companies with very questionable and unethical practices.

    There was also claims that they are selling a fitness franchise that is the number 1 fitness franchise in the middle east but that is also untrue – what they are trying to sell to thousands of unaware muslims is a completely untested product.

    I don’t want to make it a long post but i hope the people of Halal Foundation do an investigation or review into the Leverage programme and continue to protect the brothers and sisters who are looking to increase their income in a halal way.

    My suggestions is to work with/follow Ayman Marwa on facebook or his facebook page “The Truth about Muslim Entrepreneur Network” as he was initially interested in joining their programme and saw through their slogans and ‘Promises’ and has been cataloguing his interactions with MEN founders etc as an expose. His findings have been an eye opener and deserve a platform to further educate anyone who may want to get involved in this scheme.

    THF team please look into this and write a separate post regarding it.

    1. Warning You / Exposing The “MUSLIM ENTREPRENEUR NETWORK”.

      1) In January they sold the Leverage Programme to 300 Muslims. Each paid either £5,000 or £10,000 depending on what package they chose with a promise that in March’17 they would hold an event where everyone’s business would be set up

      2) The business on offer was then creating you a simple blog site in a niche of your choice. The idea being that when others found your site on Google and either clicked on Ads or bought an affiliate product you would get paid.

      This is an outdated method and very difficult to make it work in 2017.

      Also set up is not hard and they fooled Muslims into believing it would be a lucrative business.

      £5k they would set the foundation of the site and teach you how to fill it with content. Something you can learn for free on YouTube or a £10 structured course.

      For £10k they would put all the content on for you.

      TBH, a joke of an offering that someone with experience like myself can easily see through.

      They showed the unsuspecting how amazing an offer it was. It’s like going to a car mechanic who tells you what needs done but you have no idea and have to take his word.

      3) Anyway at the event day in March they made a ridiculous excuse as to why the sites wouldn’t be set up on that day and instead the whole 2 days were just motivational garbage speeches.

      4) They made a few million selling this

      5) Their eyes light up. They then think:

      ‘Hmmmm let’s change the offer, relaunch with a different offering and get more Muslims to pay us’

      6) They go back to the original 300 and say:

      ‘Hey listen we have an even better idea for you. We are doing this as a Franchise and only doing it in the Fitness niche.

      Tell you what, you can have one free. Just trust us you will be a millionaire. But if you want a refund no problem.’

      7) A few refunded, but around 150 to 200 believed their hype and stayed.

      8- So now bear in mind these 150 to 200 people have received nothing yet apart from a promised franchise for all that money they paid back at the beginning if the year.

      9) MEN now go on the warpath. They use some of the money they made to run a mass FB Ad campaign. They lie in the Ad that 300 are currently active and successful. In reality they have had many refunds from the original 300 and to date delivered nothing but promises. Where’s the success they advertise?

      10) Their aim is to get as many Muslims to pay £100 to attend a webinar where MEN will pitch their fake Franchise.

      11) The so called Franchise will be sold for between £10,000 to £25,000 and they want 5,000 people to buy into it.

      12) Now think for a second, They will make multi millions.

      13) 5,000 Franchisees will be competing against each other for Google rankings for the same fitness products that they will get a commission for

      Yet they sell on the ‘We Are One’ strategy.

      14) They have recruited around 50 to 75 telemarketers to bombard the leads from their FB Ads to pay £100 to attend the sales pitch webinar.

      15) These telemarketers are incentivised with high commission if they sign someone up who in turn buys into the fake Franchise.

      16) At the paid webinar they will mesmerise you with Crap and make a rubbish model sound like the best thing since sliced bread.

      17) In reality they have no real Franchise. There is no proven track record. They don’t share figures or the sample sites. That’s not a real Franchise

      There is a lot more to it and you’d be shocked but that’s it in a nutshell

      My advice: Avoid it like the plague and warn anyone interested

      1. I think its a scam and before going ahead think twice

        After so many calls they dont have any clue what to say and what to offer

        most focus is on Alhamdulilah . MashaAllah/ SubhanAllah as Shareef Family

      2. Thanks for sharing this information. I hope people who were interested in getting involved with MEN know now to stay clear.

      3. The warning are not to be ignored brothers and sisters.
        Your hard earned money should be seen as Rizq, Blessings from Allah and Amanah

        I have heard quite a bit about MEN and after being randomly approached via text and even someone from my contacts (who i’d probably met at a weekend course) to join their #Leverage Programme I decided to investigate for my own peace of mind and for my community.

        All i can say is there are no legitimate sources to substantiate any of the claims made by the founders with regards to their accomplishments, wealth and even statements they make about their programme and i’ve dug deep into the web.

        Just by typing in one name of their founders i discovered a list of failed companies with very questionable and unethical practices.

        There was also claims that they are selling a fitness franchise that is the number 1 fitness franchise in the middle east but that is also untrue – what they are trying to sell to thousands of unaware muslims is a completely untested product.

        I don’t want to make it a long post but i hope the people of Halal Foundation do an investigation or review into the Leverage programme and continue to protect the brothers and sisters who are looking to increase their income in a halal way.

        My suggestions is to work with/follow Ayman Marwa on facebook or his facebook page “The Truth about Muslim Entrepreneur Network” as he was initially interested in joining their programme and saw through their slogans and ‘Promises’ and has been cataloguing his interactions with MEN founders etc as an expose. His findings have been an eye opener and deserve a platform to further educate anyone who may want to get involved in this scheme.

        THF team please look into this and write a separate post regarding it.

  7. WARNING: Do not sign up for any courses from the MuslimeNetwork. All they are doing is lining their own pockets without any concern of who they rob.

    Haroon Qureshi and Rocky Mirza are now launching their Leverage programme costing between £5000 and £10000. They tell you to watch a webinar which tells you absolutely nothing and then expect you to pay thousands to attend some conference. They know all those foolish enough to attend the conference will also be foolish enough to spend more money on ridiculous programmes when they get there.

    That’s how they work, they email thousands of people and eventually end up with a handful of desperate students who are willing to spend thousands for their greed. Anyone who has £5000- £10000 saved should be grateful to Allah and not go chasing more money.

  8. Alsalamo alikom everyone
    I have purchased anothet course cost me near $300
    And i would lile to say that this is not a scam i seen other entrepreneurs and companies charges. The same and even more. You cannot blame them. Blame yourself not doing your research and not choosing a course that suits your budget , plus i did not see haroon in his few videos i watched , I didn’t see him selling dreams or exaggerating about what is possible for a student to make selling on amazon , and none of the courses by other or any other marketing plans And marketing companies weather it was for products or a service would ever. Mention the CONS ( negatives) about what they offering – which is in my belief is HARMFUL. I remeber a hadith or a saying from the prophet muhamad(pbuh) or what the story means , that he told a merchant to put the bad tomatoes ? on the top of the box instead of hiding them on the bottom , end .
    So i think it would be 100% halal when you mentions both PROS and CONS
    There is high competition
    Many other fees
    Etc etc …
    Now after the strict rules on customers product reviews it is very difficult to start and to make a good profit UNLESS you luamch many products at once and have a high initial amount to invest. And have the right people (team) and right mindset .
    Amazon its not easy anymore
    I hope this helps
    Thank you all

  9. assalamu alleykum brothers/sister i wanna ask you question and i would like to hear you sharia based opinion, i am 23 year old a well experienced programer and Entrepreneur, i always adopt the newest tech innovation but due to my poor sharia education something always hold me back, for example, in 2011/12 i was planning to create fb clone, in 2015/16 Muslim’s own app store, in 2016/17 muslim’s search engine, Muslim’s own tube, muslim own online market, Muslim’s own phone that is built in system that prevents music and apps that contain harmful elements, with quran audio & translations, hadith, salah time, qibla direction, muslim artificial intelligence that response to muslim individuals but i always quite bcs i don’t wanna inlove something that can mislead the other muslims if misused, i now wanna start sharia based trade investment company where muslim individual around the world can invest as little as $100 and choose the right category which suits them through our website, which We Display approved by uluma

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    the trades Earn 20% Under $1000 And 30% over $1000,
    We will invest in muslim Business and Employ Muslim Employees,
    You too Can Partner with Us As retailer/Shareholder/Scholar and earn with us,

    So Brothers and sisters What is your thoughts on My Idea, Shukran!

  10. If you sign up for the free 30-day trial, there is a 2 hour course (Amazon A to Z) on there (broken into lessons) which tells you pretty much all you need to do, so I don’t think there’s a need to subscribe to the expensive “academy” course which I imagine only goes into much more detail for those who really really need it.

    Besides, as others have mentioned, this information is readily available on the net etc. In fact, if you google ‘amazon fba case study’, there is a link describing all the steps by someone who tried this. They made ok profit to start but then lost interest after several months due to declining profits. It doesn’t mean others can’t make it work using better products and marketing.

    Again, anyone who’s thinking about it; you’ll need a thousand or more £/$ to make your first order and with some good marketing as described in the free material you may get lucky if you choose the right product and present it really well.

    I’ll clarify that I’ve NOT tried it but have looked into it based on FREE material and thats my own assessment. Having said that, I’ll probably give it a go when I get a chance just for the fun of it but I’m willing to risk some small capital which isn’t right for everyone.

    Oh and I’m not planning on doing any paid course! The info is freely available.

  11. Stop wasting your money if you want all the courses like amazing selling machine etc try this Website (link deleted)

  12. Do you mind if I quote a couple of your articles as long as I provide credit and sources back to your blog? My blog site is in the exact same area of interest as yours and my users would really benefit from some of the information you present here.

    Please let me know if this alright with you.

    Many thanks!

  13. Omar what do you take us for? Firstly you’re bigging up how great this course is then you sign off with: “Omar Farook,
    Creative Director of Muslim Entrepreneur Network” – biased much?!

    Nobody is questioning the logic of making a profit from business but Haroon Qureshi was charging £3000 or so for his Amazon course in the name of helping fellow Muslims right? Well this course cost him peanuts compared to that and could have taught in complete for £99 or so.

    You mention Imams teaching Deen for a salary. Tell me which Imam teaches Deen at these ridiculously inflated prices. I may be no scholar but am sure Islam teaches somewhere about ethical profit margins.

    Nobody I have spoken to is against you guys running a business and making a profit but just don’t bring religion into it like you are doing us all some big favour!

    1. What do you know about how much it has cost him, I know how much it has cost him to produce the course, because I produced it, branding, video production and motion graphics, scripts and directing. Do you want to know how much I charge for these services?

      I spoke about imams just as an example, we are obviously not imams, we are teaching business strategy, AND we offer a 30 days full refund on our premium courses, and 30 days free trial on our membership, always have always will be, because we know it is not for everyone.

      Exactly what I said before. Everyone here are just making Assumptions.

      We are actually gathering muslims to build real businesses, not to just to benefit ourselves, but to benefit all muslims. Look at all the courses we offer on our membership site. Amazon is just one. Most of our courses are in regards to mindset and Islamic ethics in businesses. Why? Because most muslims have lost their ethics in business, all they do is point fingers and backbite and slander and tell lies/cheat with no idea. And we look at the ummah today in its state.

      If you think we are reclining on our sunbeds 24/7 think again. We are at the office early grinding away to produce as much beneficial content as possible.

  14. Haroon Qureshi and his team haven’t made money by following the process of what they are telling you, they have made money by SELLING YOU the process of what they are telling you!

    1. All muslims seem to do is make assumptions about their brothers and sisters. Such a shame the times we live in.
      Kind Regards,
      Omar Farook,
      Creative Director of Muslim Entrepreneur Network

      1. its obvious that you so called muslim with your so called halal businesses are currupted by the greed of money and you dont really care who you take it from, just remember their are consquences for all of your manipulations on the muslim umma and Allah will hold you accountable I pray … Afterall how could you not fear Allah when all your doing is consuming the Fire of Hell into your discusting bellies, just remember every time you profit from another muslim through Haram means just take a look at your stomach in the mirror next time and know that their is a Fire burning you from inside out.

    2. Yes they have made money from the process. Because I know which products he has been selling …. If you have evidence that “his team haven’t made money from following the process” then don’t show us just be prepared to defend it on the day of judgement brother.

  15. I wouldn’t bother with it Lester it’s the same old routine. Here’s a load of teasers but not gonna tell you anything more until you part with some dosh!

    You’re better off saving your money and learning things slowly on your own it ain’t really that difficult to set up some kind of business online.

  16. Can anyone please tell me if they have signed up to the new course Haroon Qureshi and the Muslim Entrepreneur Network are running? I keep getting emails from them with various videos but no real info.

    1. That’s what’s getting me… there’s so much fluff and selling with no actually facts or data!!! SubhanaAllah

  17. If you believe anything these rip-off merchants tell you then you deserve to lose all your money. You really think helping others is their main agenda? haha you foolish bunch of dreamers.

  18. Nabil your defense of Haroon Qureshi is admirable however he is no different to any other internet shark out there. They string you along with teaser videos and promises, brag about how much they have made, get a few other sidekicks involved and then when your all teed up WHAM! they hit with the sucker punch ie hand over your money lol

    1. For any business model, for any mentor trust building. You need people to prove their achievements, for people to take you as a mentor seriously, it is not bragging it is trust building. The membership site is only 19.99 per month for a huge variety of resources. Ofcourse they will sell their product to you and market it, its a business! What is with all of you nutters and being so afraid of the fact that he is selling courses.
      I mean Imams teach deen for a salary, it is completely ethical in Islam. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it.

  19. Leave the brother alone at least he is trying to earn a living not like all those dreamers just sat at home waiting for lady luck to come a knocking!

    That’s the problem today we all like to hate and bring down the success of others. Whatever methods Haroon has used he has still had to work to get it all setup and also I’m sure invested a whole lot into it too.

  20. I have had a look at this course too and yes it is the same as the Amazing Selling Machine Course though a bit cheaper. The problem is they both require a substantial initial and ongoing investment and it takes too much time and way too much luck to make this investment worthwhile.

    Too much of a gamble and this should be declared right at the beginning.

  21. I have to say I also got my initial deposit refunded. I cancelled due to the future investment required that I could not afford.

  22. I paid my initial £800 and the next payment was due but I was struggling financially. After looking at the course in detail I messaged them that i want my refund as I couldn’t afford to pay for this type of information which is also available in free webinars and from various websites including youtube.

    They refunded my money but whenever they do webinars its really just waste of my time hoping for at least some useful info, no they just go round in circles bragging about their own achievements and then start to sell their product to you.

  23. So Omar you state you, and others, have had success with this? Why not post an in-depth step by step article of your progress so others too can see how this can help them achieve financial freedom? This would be far more beneficial than simply stating how great this program is.

    1. I do, I tell people, I share with people, I train people all the time.
      But, I know, people don’t really take advice seriously until they have invested in their education. I don’t come from a wealthy background, but I Alhamdullilah I was ready to take this risk. And that is what business is, it is all about taking risk and trusting in Allah no matter what the outcome, so I bought the course, and when you invest in your education from your own pocket, you take it seriously. So you know what, I will state how great the program is, because it is, it is a proven step by step formula. I can’t simply explain on a comment post, it would be silly for anyone to think this could be explained here. You need to demonstrate, the technicalities, the logistics, from account setting, to product sourcing. It takes 4 to 8 weeks approx.

  24. Utter backbiting, muslims can sell anything and use Islamic terms, you know why. Because we are MUSLIMS, its a lifestyle, it embodies everything we do. His niche is yes the Muslim Market, The prophet (PBUH) encouraged to have their own market when the established themselves for the first time, markets bring value and trade to any community. And yes he can charge whatever he likes, its not haram to put any price tag on a product if it genuinely has that value, and guess what! It does! I’ve done the course, and so many others that have all hit break through sales Alhamdullilah. Go to the youtube channel and see for yourself:

    (link deleted – sorry we don’t promote links in comments)

    His membership site includes many courses, some which are free!

    Muslims really need to come off this cynical mindset about everything, and point, backbite, slander. With no knowledge. This mindset is a plague in the Ummah, muslims jumping into conclusion about everyone. Anyway, it doesn’t matter, there will always be the haters, and you can see how far they go.

    1. You have either subscribed to ignorance or are just making this backing up for personal gain either way Allah know.

      It’s good practice to share ethical source of business in the right way Islamically speaking. And for you to say he can put any price tag on something defeats the object of proportional pricing for example, if you bought stock of apples for certain amount of money then to resell the stock you would need to use a ratio of pricing so that it doesn’t take you taking a gross sale into the riba or haram threshold. Think about.

  25. I don’t think it’s that bad, i signed up and only paid partial and got a refunded , also your post can be misleading as if you visit the website now http:// www. muslimenetwork.com/ you can buy it for $19 monthly

  26. I just wrote an very long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t appear. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that all over again. Anyway, just wanted to say there must be at least ONE person who has had success with this course and is willing to come forward with some REAL EVIDENCE!

  27. I don’t know why these sort of people use ISLAM to sell their products.

    I was surprised to see an ad on my facebook timeline ‘GET Free Training from Leading Muslim entrepreneurs and Earn Halal income and when it was clicked, it said to pay 3000 pounds. LOL

    What a shame for these people selling in the name of Islam. Have anyone seen anything “learn from Christians leading network” Or “Free training from Hindu network” When actually it’s not free at all?

    Such a shame on you man. Really sad to see this part of misinterpreting your words.

    Such a shame really….

    1. Hi John appreciate the input.

      Yes it is a sad time when people use Islam as a cover for selling overpriced products. I know for a fact that the Muslims, Christians, Hindus etc who genuinely want to help their own kin do not use these tactics but instead offer genuine products/services at acceptable profit margins.

      Using Islam is just another niche for some people. They are internet sharks and any prey will do.

  28. Hi! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you if
    that would be ok. I’m undoubtedly enjoying your blog and look
    forward to new posts.

    1. Hi Sadhaf and thanks for visiting. Sorry no twitter account but you can find us on Facebook

  29. I have an idea. If Mr Qureshi and others like him are really making as much money as they claim to be and they genuinely want to help their fellow Muslims how about doing this:

    The course cost to them is minimal so how about offering it for maybe $100/£100 or so or even on a low monthly subscription and then when their fellow Muslims have made say their first 10k to take 50% as commission?

    This would actually earn them far greater respect and even greater return… oh wait, I forgot… they aint interested in helping no one but themselves and they know full well most students will simply fail!

  30. Veejay you have to understand when people are desperate they are ready to believe in any glimmer of hope. So people like Haroon Qureshi come along and promise to help them because they want other Muslims to become successful too. They sell them dreams about having their own business and independence never to worry about money again and yes those struggling and desperate are ready to believe in him.

    Doesn’t make it right I know but he is only interested in making money and is working within marketing guidelines (albeit maybe outside of most morals) to do so.

    Although nobody is holding a gun to their heads making them signup they are neither being informed about the true risks involved. The risk of making nothing and losing all they have invested.

  31. If these Muslims want to believe everything they are told then they deserve to be ripped off. Do they really think these guys are going to help them become millionaires? No, the only people getting rich from courses like these are people like this Haroon geezer.

    Be happy with what you have and stop being greedy for more cos you only gonna get your fingers burnt. And if you haven’t got money in the first place why the heck are you then spending thousands more on some dumb Amazon course!

  32. It’s sad to see that people will stoop to such levels to extract money from innocent customers who only want to better their lives and standard of living. Most of these cannot afford to lose money and only fall into this trap as the dream sounds so promising, and so easy.

    Preying on peoples emotions and vulnerabilities is the lowest form of business ethic I can think of. I hope they can sleep peacefully at night whilst those who have lost a lot of money can’t.

    1. I know people who have enrolled in this course and making money.

      It’s 20pounds a month and the first month is free so you can drop out of it.

      The brother has staff to run his website so obviously there is a charge. I would stay away from backbiting.

      And as for taking money off vulnerable people…it’s not true. The brother has given many people the course for free

      1. Thanks for the input Nehar. We would love to hear from anyone on the course with details of their success i.e. money spent, revenue, net profit etc (along with factual evidence of course).

  33. Promote anything in the name of ‘Islam’ and label it ‘For Muslims’ and the sheep come baying. Are Muslims really that gullible?

    Jeez learn to think for yourselves and go in with your eyes wide open man. A beard and a few select inshalla’s do not make anyone the real deal.

  34. The daft thing is people are paying out thousands of £’s and $’s when you can get all the information you need at a fraction of the cost.

    Yes an Amazon business can work and can provide a steady income but not at the price these guys are asking.

  35. The one thing I don’t understand is that if these guys are really doing all this to ‘Help the Ummah’ as they claim then why not just offer to help set up our businesses at minimal cost for us and then when we have made our first £100k or so take a 50% cut if you want!

    Oh yeah, I forgot, they just in it for themselves and milking the rest of us.

  36. I can’t believe people are sticking up for this shark. If anyone has truly built some great Amazon empire by following this course please show us the results!

    I made a couple of comments simply questioning the course and was soon blocked from the Facebook page. Tell me Mr Green how Islamically acceptable is that?

    The money grabbing team now comprises of Com Mirza and Harun Rashid, another two entrepreneurs who have made it big by ripping people off – and yes I call overpricing cheap courses by stupid amounts ‘ripping people off’!

    Oh and they too have blocked me from their relevant pages. Great work my ethical Muslim brothers. You mat try and come across all squeaky clean now but that is not how you made it rich in the first place is it?

    My advice to anyone is that whatever these guys are trying to sell you, do a bit of research, and you will get it at a fraction of the cost.

  37. You do yourself and us a disfavour calling yourself thehalalfoundation and then allow backbiting, insults and slander in your comments? Of course backbiting does not apply in the matter of business, but what is said should be strictly confined to that. The article written by yourselves was genuinely good, until you “handed things over” to Yasser who failed to maintain your standards. You are Islamically responsible for moderating sarcastic, and slanderous accusations if you able.

    1. Thanks for the comments Abdurraheem although it would be a bigger injustice to block some comments just because another reader disagreed with them or their content. Definitely any abusive or hateful comments would be removed but, from what I have read,I don’t feel anyone has actually gone that far?

      Yasser’s comments were amongst many of similar content received however we would also welcome any positive reviews of the course so if you have had success with this please let us publish the details.

    2. Lol at abdurraheem green.

      Brother, why don’t you tell us about your affiliate link for haroons course? The 50% affiliate fee you make for every person you referred to the course? Talking about being “Islamically responsible” and your raking in $1000 per person you refer to the course without telling them – if your so honest show us your affiliate back office and let us see how many people sign up through your link?

      Article author should be aware that haroon has a affiliate system, just as ASM did which is largely why ASM was successful. The affiliate (the person who refers you to the course, makes 50% of the course fee) also, 50% of people who sign up don’t launch a product – something haroon has said himself. ASM was successful not just because it was selling the course when the amazon opportunity was ripe, but because on $5k admissions fee per person – the affiliate would make 50% and haroon I heard recruited over 500-600 people for asm. You do the math here…. yes it’s a lot of money! From which mostly people didn’t make money, with a select (perhaps 50/100) recouparating their investment and 50 or less making an actual income.

      The amazon market is largely saturated due to the courses and the type of money people would have made 3/4 years ago just doesn’t happen as much as these people are making it out to be. If you’ve been enticed, don’t be defrauded into pay £2000. Go on to the internet and buy a course just as good for £100! They’re trying to shift attention to shopify etc but it’s the same scenario, most will just not make anything after paying the extortionate fee.

      Personally, the issue is not the content. I’m sure the content is well written and a software in it is okay too. However, the way the course/ academy is sold is bang out of order. They open the course for perhaps 1/2 weeks. After slowly building you up to it, marketing gets very heavy in the days before the course is set to close. They capitalise on fear of loss/scarcity which is actually haram by closing the doors in a hurry in order to get as many sign ups as possible – it’s an industry fact that most people will sign up in the last day before the course is closed and something they will most likely push out to their affiliates. Not revealing the price until the last minute with a timing cap is not just unethical but may be haram! E.g. After perhaps 2 weeks and endless bombarding of emails, a series of 4/5 videos and webinars, they’ll mention no price. No mention do the cost of the course, at this point the person/potential person is at the height of his excitement, at the height of this somewhat emotional roller coaster and then they are hit with a price of $2k to join up. Does this sound like something That Islam or the prophet (saw) would have been happily promoting? Please! Save yourself the headache!!!

      A course before he made the academy and full fledged Muslim Entrepreneur Network was called the Physical Products Empire, where he made the course more or less in his home, so the cost would have been next to nothing. This guy called Omar is now jumping up and trying to defend him, wallahi nobody is accusing him of selling a false opportunity – the opportunity is MUCH more difficult to capitalise on then before and sugar coating it won’t make any difference. But the issue lies in its sale and promotion, the monthly programme has no problems Akh. The problem arises as to the way it is sold. If you feared allah swt, you would have realised that the purchasing party is obliged to know every detail of this, given good time to think about it, facts and statistics as well as 100% transparency. Instead, you ( speaking to Omar) are trying to splurge us with paint and claim we are narrow minded. I have been following this brother haroon and co for a while and will do a full video review, my personal findings and private conversations I have had with him in regards to this matter of permissibility. I have contacted imams in the UK in regards to this too as some know the lad but aren’t fully aware of this technique being used.

    3. Assalamu alaikum brother, I have to say I am surprised at this attitude.
      There is a genuine problem here with the selling tactics of the Muslim Entrepreneur Network.

  38. Hi Daniyal. After ready this article again (my friend send it to me on FB), I realised it’s not even a review of the course – just a review of the marketing. My friend actually took this course last year. If you are interested I can ask her to contact you for an actual review of the course? I think it will add some credibility. Feel free to email me directly and I’ll pass on your details.

    1. Hello again Eden. Just to clarify the majority of complaints we had were not whether the course in itself was something that could work or not it was more a case of how it was sold.

      The percent of success rate was not highlighted, the associated risks were not highlighted, the testimonials were dubious, the actual work commitment was not highlighted and the cost outweighed the content especially as this was sold as a course designed to help fellow Muslims.

      These were just some of the concerns that were put to us.

      Now of course this is all fairly acceptable business practice in some eyes but many Muslims felt cheated by these tactics. They feel morally the finer details should have been mentioned before they parted with their hard earned cash, especially the risk of making no money and losing everything invested.

      And yes, we would love to have an independent review of the course to publish 🙂

  39. He is now promoting some new products too. I am still getting emails of him promoting some new video with his comrades Com Mirza and Harun Rashid – All a bunch of money grabbing crooks out for themselves with no intention of either helping anyone or providing a credible product.

    1. Then don’t buy from them 🙂 Just because someone sells a product you don’t like doesn’t mean they are money grabbing crooks. If they are selling a scam, then that’s a different issue altogether!

  40. I recently spoke to someone on Facebook that had been duped by this guy and they were talking about legal proceedings. If he has deliberately conned people then he deserves all he gets.

  41. All in the name of Islam. I am sure Allah will be most pleased with this gentleman..NOT!

    He used to be a little hoodrat that went on some course teaching people how to scam others by producing overpriced information products. There are a couple of others just like him maybe this site should review them too?

  42. I think it’s a little naive to say ‘if you are doing this for the Muslims, why not lower your price’. Price tags are in place for a reasons. It’s the same when buying anything. The problem is not (always) with the seller, but with the buyer. Good article guys, keep up the good work.

    1. Hi Eden and thanks for the comments. Yes setting the price is absolutely down to the seller but there is also an element of ‘Treating Customers Fairly’. The price tag would be more than ethical if it was backed by an honest review of the risks involved, success rate of the course and genuine testimonials backed by hard evidence.

      Schemes such as this are designed to only sell you a promise, a dream, with the reality being very different. Especially when many have spent way more than they can afford to lose based on misrepresentation of the results.

      1. May Allah bless you brother. I believe YOUR website is actually helping muslims! Keep up the good work. You will get many rewards insha allah for warning other muslims about these type of ‘products’. JazakAllah Khair!

  43. Sadly wherever there is a ‘vulnerable’ market there are also vultures ready to pounce.

    There are no easy ways to make money (not legally anyway!). It takes time, patience, hard work and commitment but it seems we now live in an age where some of us want everything instantaneously without putting in the effort or being prepared to wait.

      1. Hi Abdul, the problem with internet courses is that they follow different regulations to your standard retail laws. So buying something from your local store provides you with different rights to purchasing an online programme such as this.

        That said yes you can follow a legal procedure to reclaim your money by proving that you were not given enough facts about the risks involved before signing up. However this could become a lengthy and costly process in itself.

        People like Haroon also cover themselves by offering a refund should you make no money. This again means you having to prove that you followed all the steps to the finest detail and even if you have made £1 or $1 you have made money. The fact that you may have spent £3000/$3000 to make this is irrelevant as according to the terms you have made some money.

        It is for reasons like this that I am totally against these types of courses. They are overpriced, promise you the world and deliver very little if nothing at all.

        1. Actually Daniyal, according to the ‘consumer rights act’ everyone has the legal right to a refund within 30 days of purchase.

  44. Yes I was blocked too! This guy should be ashamed of himself ripping Muslims off in the name of Islam.

    The course is overhyped, overpriced and doesn’t inform you of the massive risk of losing all your money.

    At least the course you recommend via Halal Income gives the opportunity to check it out without spending anything.

    Keep up the good work guys.

    1. Salam alaykum everyone,

      I also am a victim of Haroon Qureshi. I live and work in Canada and was offered a so called ‘promo fee’ of £2,500 for the Hyper Launch program and was allowed to pay it in 3 instalments over 3months. So I paid the first instalment £1,000 right on the initial call with Humayun Rashid on Feb 21, 2023 because I was completely inspired by Haroon’s videos, ads and bronchure and trusted I was making an halal investment with people who have the fear of Allah in them, but obviously I was totally wrong!

      So after the call on same day, I received an induction email from Zainah Aziz which included an agreement document that I have to sign and I was surprised to read that the conditions in the agreement we’re totally different from what Haroon advised in his videos, ads and bronchure. Then I decided to go on the internet and read reviews about the TheEcomExperts and that’s when the reality of my foolishness dawned on me as there were no good reviews about this company, Haroon and his team.

      I normally would do a thorough online research about any service I’m patronizing and read about their reviews to guide my decision on what to do. But in this particular case, I trusted Haroon and his team so much that I didn’t occur to me that it was necessary to read about him and his fraudulent team.

      Then I sent an email and WhatsApp messages to his team on the following day Feb 22, 2023 (less than 24hrs after I made the £1,000 payment) to please refund my £1,000 that I was no longer interested in the drop shipping business.

      Up until this moment and after series of email, WhatsApp and Facebook messages and follow ups with Haroon himself on Facebook, I HAVE NOT received any response from the team about when my money will be refunded. It’s been over 3 weeks now and no word from the team.

      Is this halal, is this fair? If this is not scam or fraud, I honestly don’t know what else to call it. I will appreciate anyone’s advice on how to get these thieves to refund my £1,000. That’s over $1,600 CAD! My hard earned money! Please HELP get my money back and I will forever be grateful for your help.

      Haroon and his team are a disgrace to the Muslim Ummah. They are selling their evil service to we innocent people and taking advantage of our ignorance and our trust in the fact that they are muslim faithfuls. Haroon and his team are a reason why many individuals practising other religions will hate Islam or have a bad perception about muslims and I won’t blame them for that!

      If Haroon and his team are mistreating and emotionally torturing his fellow Muslim brothers and sisters like this, how much more people from other faiths!

      Please and please again, isn’t advice on how I can get my £1,000 back from Haroon Quresh, Humayun Rashid and Zainah Aziz will be HIGHLY appreciated.

      Thank you,
      Jazakumullahu khayran.

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