Gumbet, located on the Aegean Sea coast of Turkey in the Bodrum city district, sits in the province of Mugla. Milas-Bodrum International Airport is the closest flight destination when visiting Gumbet.

There are ample airport transfers services available to help you reach your holiday resort or hotel in relaxed comfort.

A successful holiday resort in its own right, having many new and well catered hotels and resorts with beach facilities, Gumbet has also grown a party atmosphere uniquely its own. As the light goes down the party begins.

The climate in Gumbet can be described as Mediterranean with hot summers and little rain coupled with mild winters. Mediterranean winters while considered mild to the people of northern Europe, are considered cool for those that live there all year round.

It is during the peak summer season that the resorts are filled with visitors taking advantage of the welcoming warmth of the sun on their backs as they play on the stunning sand and in the turquoise sea.

For discerning vacationers avoiding the busy midsummer season, children and the extremes of heat spring or autumn offer the ideal choice. The weather stays warm, with average temperatures of 16C in April and 20C in October, with 8-9 hours of sun each day and little rain.

Things to do

Gumbet, like many Mediterranean locations, is equated directly with the sun, sand and sea. Sand Castle building, safe children’s swim areas, banana boat rides, water skiing, windsurfing, jet skiing, parasailing, scuba diving and snorkelling are all on the menu.

By small boat, travellers can explore the sea and the area away from the beach, to get a real feel for the Aegean Sea via the traditional wooden boats called “Gulets” pronounced “gu’ let”. They vary in size from 14 to 35 meters and make for a wonderful excursion. Snorkeling and meals stops can be arranged as part of any package

Eating out is fun at the many restaurants and bars that cater to all age groups and at all times.

A bus ride to Bodrum for a day out costs only a few Turkish lira. Bodrum Castle is worth a visit as the castle grounds include a Museum of Underwater Archaeology.

If you want to see the incredible countryside views of the Gumbet and Bodrum Peninsula these are best seen from a jeep Safari tour. For those who have not experienced the freedom and fun of driving your own jeep, playing follow the leader with your local experience guide, need to try this activity.

This can be family fun or a romantic drive through the Turkish villages, past cascading waterfalls and incredible scenery. You will see local women dressed in traditional costumes.

Your guide may find them cooking the local delicacy “gozlene”. This is a pancake made of a kind of flatbread and filled with meat, cheese or just maybe fruit and honey.

The beach at Gumbet is one kilometre of golden sand that follows the large bay. This is holiday paradise for those of us attracted to the beach.

Relax with sunscreen and towel, or play the many water sports going on. Lie in the shade of an umbrella to unwind and de-stress. Bring the family to take advantage of the safe swimming and shallow waters, family entertainment and parental rest.

Gumbet and its beach is here for you.

Our Top Tips

• Bodrum Castle & Museum of Underwater Archaeology the medieval castle of St. Peter is a great example of 15th century Crusader architecture.

• The Antique Theatre has a beautiful aura and panoramic views of the Bodrum peninsula. It has a capacity of about 13.000 guests.

• Bodrum Mausoleum, also known as Mausoleum of Halicarnassus is one of the seven wonders of world, located 3 km. from Gumbet, in central Bodrum.

• Myndos Gate & Ottoman Shipyard Tower is located 3 km. from Gumbet, in central Bodrum, at the harbour.

• The windmills of the Bodrum Peninsula are one of the greatest sights overlooking the Bodrum & Gumbet Bay and the Aegean.

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