Fez is the Muslim spiritual capital of Morocco located in the foot hills of the Atlas Mountains. This is an inland walled city dating back to the dark ages of Europe (AD789). The combination of the old and the new. A UNESCO listed medina with its 10km of wall 20ft high, a living Arabic history, makes this a tempting holiday location.

The nearest international airport is Mohammed V International Airport, Casablanca (ONDA).  320km from Fez. While you can get a connecting domestic flight to Fez from Casablanca an alternative is to spend one or two days in Casablanca and then get the train from city center “Casa” to just outside the walled city of Fez. From there a local taxi will take you with your luggage on its roof to your hotel.

The climate in Fez in June to September averages a high 32°C, with an average low of 16°C.  Between October to May that changes to an average high of 18°C, with an average low of 8°C. December and January are the coldest with a highs of 15°C and lows of 5°C. Take warm clothing.

The weather in general is a Mediterranean climate, winters cold and wet, summers hot and dry.

Things To Do

Fez is two cities: The Old city or Medina and the New. The old city is a fortified wall with medieval gateways. No motorised vehicles are allowed inside the wall on the narrow twisting cobble stone streets that weave between houses so donkeys are the main form of goods transportation.

Here you will find shops selling everything, artisans at work and watch as leather is tanned. Into this mix there are small hotels and restaurants. No ATM machines or taxis are available in the Medina, transportation is on foot. “Ballek Ballek” literally means get out of the way the donkey is coming!

The new city has modern buildings, banks and luxury resorts and a Pizza restaurant. Get there by a petit taxi.

Between the two cities there is an ample supply of hotels available to suit every budget and taste, from the hotel/spar luxury resorts in New Fez, to business class and small hotels or pensions in Old Fez.

Restaurants serve an abundance of couscous with lamb or Tagine lamb/beef. In general there are a wide variety of restaurants within easy walking distance or short taxi ride of your hotel.

The area has fine dining restaurants some with floor shows and seemly unending choices of eating alternatives.

Our Top Tips:

• Take a guided tour to Old Fez Medina.

• Visit the tannery, accept the sprig of mint that they will offer you.

• Walk the 10km outside perimeter of the wall. Start at 6:00am to avoid the heat.

Belghazi Museum in Old Fez.

• Take a guided day trip to Volubilis, a partly excavated 1800 year old Roman city in the Atlas Mountains dating back to 3rd Century BC. Unprotected tiled mosaic floor can be seen, temples, houses, a Roman Triumphal Arch and an olive press.

• Pay to use an outdoor pool in a hotel in New Fez, pamper yourself.

• Spend an evening in one of the public squares just outside the walled city.

Fez is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The old medina is a vehicle free urban area, the largest of its kind in the world. Come and experience the city and its people.



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