Nabq Bay

Nabq Bay

Nabq Bay, Egypt, is a city within the city limits Sharm el-Sheikh with its new well-appointed resorts and sandy beaches overlooking the Straights of Tiran at the mouth of the Gulf of Arabia; Nabq has become the tourist destination of the area. In response new hotels and resorts with international quality are being built to meet that need.

The nearest international Airport is the Sharm el-Sheikh International Airport is located only 10km south from the Nabq Bay. There is a good bus and taxi service that will get you quickly to your hotel of resort.

With its location you can expect the subtropical arid climate with very little rain. Summer is considered to be May to October with average temperatures highs of 33⁰C and lows of 25⁰C, August is the hottest month. The November to April temperature average highs of 22⁰C with lows of 15⁰C.

Things To Do

Nabq Bay is one of the five areas that make up the city of Sharm El Sheikh with Mount Sinai visible inland the Red Sea to the south. The National Park of Nabq is a gorgeously lush area in the middle of the desert and reaches down into the shallow bay with its mangrove forest.

Nabq Bay has become a popular destination for both traditional tourists and the modern tourists. Its location on the edge of the Sinai Peninsula Desert holds its human history stretching back thousands of years and includes over 250 coral reefs just off the coast acting as a host to more than 1000 species of fish.

This is a snorkeling experience due to the unique shallow bay overlooking the Straights of Tiran at the mouth of the Gulf of Arabia on the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula. As a National Park with its own resort complexes it has become a major tourist destination.

The hotels and resorts of Nabq Bay with their pools and ankle deep waters off stunning beaches are here to make your stay one that you will not forget. An ample supply of hotels is available to suit every budget and taste from the hotel/spar luxury resorts to business class and small hotels aimed at local traffic. The number of hotel rooms is growing as more new luxury hotels and resorts ate being built to meet the growing tourist demands.

There are a wide variety of restaurants within easy walking distance or short taxi ride of the Nabq Bay hotels and resorts. The area has fine dining restaurants and seemly unending choices of eating alternatives.

Whether you want quick food in a relaxed atmosphere or you are ready for an evening out in Sharm El Sheikh they recognize that food is a major part of your holiday pleasure. Food is available to meet every dietary and budget criteria.

La Strada is the place to go day or night. It is an area of large pavements featuring shops, restaurants and buzzing with life. It is not just the place to shop but where you go to be with people, to listen to music, to eat and enjoy the pleasure of being in the Nabq Bay entertainment area.

La Strada is the ocean side entertainment area in Nabq Bay and was developed to appeal to people of all ages. Located in the down town center of Nabq it a short walk or taxi ride for an evening out away from your hotel. The nightlife in Nabq Bay is different in many ways from the rest of Egypt.

Dress code is more relaxed and alcohol is also served in the bars and nightclubs. There is typical heavy beat music that you get the world over and most nightclubs have a dance floor. Plenty of choice and a safe atmosphere.

Our Top Tips:

• The beach, sand, sun and water in the shallow waters of Nabq Bay

• Golf on one of the areas fine golf courses.

• Al Khan, an outdoor shopping area to be explored.

• St Catherine’s Monastery.

• Ras Mohammed National Park is only 60 km to the south. This is an exceptional snorkeling and dive location and makes for a great day out. The drive across the desert to get there is considered by some to be worth the trip by itself.

• Quad Safari tours into the desert into the desert are pure fun. They target the early morning or late afternoons to avoid the heat of the day and to enable you to see the incredible sun rise or sun sets that the area has to show you.

• Snorkeling and diving organised tours to the best and safest locations to match your skill level. Coral reefs, hundreds of fish rays and sharks, this is snorkeling and scuba diving in the Red Sea. Take normal precautions and pay attention to your experienced guide to ensure that you have the full enjoyment of the areas dives.

The combination of the closeness to the area nature reserves and the opportunity to review the Sini Peninsular human history makes the relaxed luxury of Nabq Bay the adventure you were looking for.

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