Hisaronu is located next to the popular tourist resort of Ölüdeniz. During the day this town located only a one-hour drive from Dalaman airport is a quiet place to simply do nothing and relax. However, at night it comes to life with a variety of different bars and clubs with some providing live entertainment for the family.

Things To Do

Hisaronu isn’t besides any beaches, however 4km away is the sandy blue lagoon beach of Ölüdeniz. Getting to the beach is a simple 5 minute journey with the regular buses running every day between Hisaronu and Ölüdeniz.

The beach in Ölüdeniz is a protected national park, therefore you have to pay to enter the beach, and access to the beach is shut by 6.00pm every evening. During the peak season the beach gets very crowded, however, the beach has showers, toilets, cafes, and sunshades and loungers that can be rented.

As well as swimming and relaxing by the lagoon in Ölüdeniz, the amazingly clear waters and the underwater wildlife nearby, make it a perfect place for one to go scuba diving. There are now a large number of companies that are offering scuba-diving excursions.

These companies are able to cater for most people from complete beginners to highly experienced divers. Furthermore, for those a little more serious about diving there are companies in the area offering PADI and BSAC dive courses and certification. A lot of the excursions last a full day in which lunch and all the necessary equipment is provided for you. All you need to do is pay and turn up.

Next to Hisaronu, is Mt. Babadağ which is approximately 1900 meters high. Many companies in the area offer paragliding trips to adventurers and daredevils from the summit of the mountain. The paragliding trip back to the golden sands of Ölüdeniz takes at least 25-40 minutes depending on conditions and provides you with great memories for a lifetime.

The main season for paragliding is from April to October. If you are not feeling quite as adventurous, you can always take a trip up to the summit of the mountain which provides you with stunning views of the Blue Lagoon and the mountains covered in pine forests.

Hisaronu has a number of small souvenir shops for one to visit, and an intimate market, however nearby Fethiye on a Tuesday hosts a bustling market which has everything for sale, from fake designer goods, leather products to fruits and vegetables.

You can even go to the fish stall, buy some fresh fish and then ask one of the nearby restaurants to cook it for you. And don’t forget to haggle at the market.

Few miles away from Hisaronu is butterfly valley, which is an 86-acre area that is surrounded by vertical rocks and is only accessible by sea. Due to the remoteness of the area, almost all of the moth and butterfly species of the coastal Mediterranean region can be found here, with the area surround by many different types of plants and herbs.

Plenty of boats leave Ölüdeniz to butterfly every day during peak season. Butterfly valley has basic facilities including a restaurant, bathroom, and some very primitive accommodation.

Our Top Tips:

• Paragliding – Try this just once in your lifetime, even if you’re scared of heights. Go with a reputable company though as being 2000ft in the air experience is probably more important than cost.

• Fethiye Harbour offers a great view, lovely food, relaxation and a nice taste of everyday Turkey (non-tourist overload). Great prices too and the boat trips are better.

• Bar Rosso Cocktail & Lounge, very chilled and relaxed with the right mix of music and sport with a really enjoyable Sunday night live music.

• Visit 12 Islands at once. This gorgeous boat trip takes you off from Fethiye harbor around 12 neighboring uninhabited islands in the Med. There are 5 stop offs at a selection of these islands with time to swim or just catch a few more rays.

• You can also try horse riding. There are usually between ten and twelve horses and riders taken out on each trek at a time. One trek takes 1h in total.

• A Turkish bath with foam massage is also something you want to try for the ultimate feeling of relaxation. After a sauna and wash down, your skin is exfoliated and then massaged with foam.

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