What is Traffic Monsoon About

What is Traffic Monsoon About

What is Traffic Monsoon About?

Companies, or students with their own website sometimes have a hard time driving traffic to their sites, therefore they are not getting the revenue or the attention that they are wanting from their web-based clients. That is where companies like Traffic Monsoon come into play. So what is Traffic Monsoon about?

Traffic Monsoon was established in 2014 by Charles Scoville. Scoville has a pretty rocky history when it comes to member relationships of his past paid-to-click endeavours. He has been known not to pay his members properly and has had two previous sites like Traffic Monsoon that have all been dissolved.

So what does this mean for members?

It means tread cautiously. Make sure to do your research on any online company promising to help you make money before you decide to dive in head first. It could mean the difference of reaching your goals, or drowning in debt.

Traffic Monsoon is one of those pyramid schemes where existing members are able to make commission off of every new member they are able to recruit under them. It is also a paid-to-click company designed to help businesses drive traffic to website. Their main focus and product is advertising.

So how exactly does this paid-to-click advertising work?

It’s simple. Businesses are able to buy ads that will be put on other websites that are a part of the “get paid to visit” network. Essentially, you are paying for views on their site by either paying in cash or joining in on the network themselves. Membership is free and there is no requirement to buy credits (or visitors).

At this point you may be asking yourself, “how exactly does this work?” It’s simple. Visiting two websites will gain you 1 visitor credit. And that is just for being a member. If you purchased the services you will get 1 visitors credit for every single website you visit. Those credits will add up fast if you are willing to visit multiple sites every day. But wait, it seems to get even better.

Not only will you receive a credit for every site you visit, you will also receive one whole cent for every click that goes to your site. With that being said, it is important to keep in mind that Traffic Monsoon sells clicks, not views. So it still has the potential to earn a little bit more cash than expected. This is where the revenue sharing comes in hand. You get 10% commission when you add a new member to your “team” and even when you refer website visitors to other members’ products.

Now like any good entrepreneur knows, you have to spend money to make money. That being said, you also need to know what you’re spending your money on before you take the plunge into a business.

So what products does Traffic Monsoon offer?

Ads, and lots of them. You can purchase adds in the form of banner ads and text ads. If you want to target a specific country in your ad, there is a campaign for that. If you just want a general campaign, they have that as well. They also offer a service called Traffic Exchange Start Pages. What this product does is put your site first on the list of members’ start pages after they have logged in.

They also have a specific Login Ad that is similar, but your site is placed in a pop-up window when they login instead of on their home page.

Let’s break down each Ad/product that is available and what that will generally cost:

* Country targeting ad campaign: Cost is $.50 per click

* Non-targeted as campaign: Cost is $0.25 per click.

* Traffic Exchange Start Pages: Cost is $35 a day.

* Login Ads: Cost is $35 a day.

The biggest downfall of Traffic Monsoon is that you are more than likely going to spend more money on the product than you are going to make. While it sounds like a great concept, you will spend more time slaving away clicking on pages trying to earn enough credits to purchase visitors, when in reality, you will earn very little credits. If you really want to drive traffic to your site, you will need to outright pay for the clicks. So again, let’s break down what that will look like:

* $600 = 500,000

* $70 = 50,000 visitors

* $16 = 10,000 visitors

* $5 = 2500 visitors

So again, it is all about how much you are willing to spend. That is where the risk is. There seems to be no quality assurance for this product listed anywhere. This means that even though you put the investment into purchasing the product, there is no promise that it is going to work.

On the other side, you can potentially earn money from this company. By clicking on ads from other members of the site, you can earn up to $0.50 a day, or $15 a month. This is done by clicking on ads that cost around $0.001 to $0.2, and the money will immediately go into your Traffic Monsoon account.

While that may not seem like a lot of money, the real money can be made by bringing in new member to your network. As stated previously, you will make 10% off of every new member that signs up. In retrospect, it would be highly advised to bring in members if you really want to make some money.


A major problem with the company, the government has gotten involved. Back in July of 2016, The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filed a lawsuit against Traffic Monsoon, claiming they were a fraudulent investment operation. Long story short, this site is no longer running. All of the assets of the company have been frozen and the case is still pending further trial.

There is some good news for anyone who has used this company though. It looks like there are a couple of options available to you in order to receive a refund. One option is to request a chargeback from your bank. If your bank is unable or unwilling to do a chargeback, it is not too late to file a claim against them with the official court.

While this company may have had good intentions of helping businesses direct traffic to their sites and help them make money, there are better companies and better ways to direct traffic to those sites. The biggest lesson to learn from Traffic Monsoon is to do your homework on the company and the owner of the company before getting into business with them.

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