What is Pure Leverage

What is Pure Leverage

What is Pure Leverage

As with anything, it is important to know exactly what you are getting when it comes to purchasing anything that will affect your business. When looking for a marketing program to help enhance your business, take the positive and the negative factors that may influence the decision to join any program into consideration. It is important to be mindful of who that program is specifically targeting, what they are selling, cost of the product and if they will be an overall good fit for your business. In the following post I will explore what is Pure Leverage and what kind of products are being offered to help online businesses take control and be successful.

First, let’s start with the basics

Pure Leverage is a part of the Global Ventures Opportunity (GVO) and was founded in 1991 by Joel Therien. The program provides innovative marketing tools designed to effectively help online businesses with SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The company also doubles as an MLM, so if you want to make even more money this may be right up your alley. Basically you will promote your own products using the new knowledge and skill sets you will gain through the program.

You can also sell the product itself on the side for some extra cash, so that is kind of nifty you are looking for a great way to earn a little extra cash. One of the good things about the program is that it offers all the necessities to run an online business in a single platform, which is pretty attractive to those who want to make the most of optimization.

Are you interested so far? This may be where the water gets a little murky. Do you have a background in internet marketing? Have you had your own web business for a while now? If not, then Pure Leverage may not exactly be for you. That’s not to say you cannot benefit from it. This program is based on helping established online entrepreneurs be more cost efficient when it comes to marketing tools, helping their overall online presence.

The program is also focused on bringing sales revenues up for businesses in a reasonable amount of time. It is completely possible for someone who is new to the online business/marketing game to get good results from Pure Leverage, but it will take a lot more work vs. someone who is already proficient and has a handle on the inner working of the system.

Some of the costs involved

The membership for the basic marking tools program goes at the fairly cheap rate of $24.95 a month, but that only includes the basic “how to” for the marketing tools. If you have been in the online business game for a while, this isn’t a problem. These tools will probably make a lot more sense to you than someone who is just starting out in their online ventures.

If you are just starting your online business, don’t get your hopes up. These tools do not serve as a guide on how to get your business up and running. But, you can get those “How to start up your business online” videos by upgrading your membership to include the Smart Marketing Coaching for $47 a month. If you want to try out the services before you totally commit, they have an option for a trial period.

For $1 you will have 30 days of access to the program before you have to decide if you will continue to use the service. If you have not cancelled at the end of the trial period, the regular month fee will be charged to your account. If you are looking for even more content that you can use to help your online business, Pure Leverage also offers a VIP option that is $97 a month, and offers elite training on how to use all of the tools to their fullest potential. This option also offers: Interview and training with leading marketers on a weekly basis, exemplary marketing techniques, and exclusive team building techniques.

If you are a veteran marketing guru, the programs offered in the basic monthly plan may be just right for you. One of the programs offered is the Pure Leverage blog system. This allows you to create your own blog that is simple to set up and use. It is also surprisingly easy to manage, and even people new to the industry will be able to take advantage of this tool.

Other services included

Looking for an innovative way to stay in contact with clients? Try out the Video Email Service that allows you to imbed videos in your emails that clients will be able to open directly from their email without being redirected to outside sites.

Did you opt-in to the MLM option of the program (don’t worry, we will discuss this further later on)? Then you should definitely take advantage of their Web Conference Platform. This is arguably one of the best tools Pure Leverage offers, making it easy for you to keep in contact with your team and allows you to focus on team building via live webinars.

So what makes this virtual conference room so innovative? For one, the program is compatible with any operating system. You also will have access to push PowerPoint, a 100 seat meeting, video and voice calling, and the ability to record full video and audio presentations. If you would like to take a live poll, you will be able to do along with share your desktop with all in attendance. It really is a unique product and one that will take your MLM team to the next level.

The program also offers many up-sells that are designed to help strengthen your business and give you the best “bang for your buck” so-to-speak. Now, these are not required to be successful, but they are recommended products that are available that you should take note of. These products range anywhere from an additional monthly fee, to a one time only fee and gives seminars on everything from how to build your MLM company, to helping you learn how to earn higher commission. These additional products include:

* Smart Marketing Coaching

* Take Massive Action

* VIP Syndicate Centre

* GotBackup?

I mentioned the Smart Marketing Coaching option earlier. This service is offered for $47 extra every month and was developed by Terry Anglin. Anglin is considered to be the lead training coach of Pure Leverage and will give you in depth training on how to start up your new online business. The course will cover setting up an online domain, as well as how to use WordPress.

The drawback to this is that everyone in Pure Leverage will have the same blog domain, making it hard for others to search specifically for you. With the course, you are allowed one free theme each month for WordPress. Again, if you are new to the industry, this may be something that interests you, but I would advise to check out WordPress separately before you decide to purchase this product.

Looking to really take advantage of the MLM that Pure Leverage has to offer? If you are a beginner, this product really is not for you. But if your feet are wet in the MLM game, this video course for a one-time fee of $97 will teach you some tips and tricks from top business men and women who have mastered the MLM and will be effective in helping you grow your business and earning more commission. This video series will benefit you especially if you decided to become a VIP member.

I talked a little bit about the VIP program option, but let’s look a little more into what you will get. For the $97 a month you now have the option to earn a higher commission rate. This is where knowing the MLM structure of the company comes in handy. If you decided to purchase the resell rights of the product for $19.95 a month, you will earn 100% commission your first month with the program.

After your first month the commission rate will drop down to 50% per sale. That is where the VIP program comes in. With this up-sale you will continue to make 100%. So if you are a high roller in the MLM game, this really is something that you should look into adding on to your plan if you want to make the most of your experience with this program.

Want a secure way to store and back up all of your files, documents and any other work related artefacts? You can add the GotBackup? option to your monthly plan for $7.99. This product allows you to store all of your data to a cloud-like server. Backing up your documents is an important issue for any line of work especially so for online marketing.

I’m not going to say one way or the other if this is a good option for you to purchase, but I will continue to tell you that research on any product being offered will be your best friend when it comes to making decisions. You want your money to be well spent, so if GotBackup? is a good fit for you and your needs, then go for it.

Pure Leverage offers support to users through email and phone number contact methods, but the real support will come from your team. If you join the program, you will need to find a strong team of skilled and dedicated people who will be able to help, support and encourage you in your business endeavours.

If you are taking a part in the MLM portion of the program, the success or failure of your team also determines the success or failure of your business. Again, I cannot stress how important it is to do your homework, even when it comes to finding a strong team that is growing and successful. It is here where you will find most of your guidance.


The only drawbacks that may turn you away from Pure Leverage is that this program is not for people who are just starting out with their internet marketing business. While they may be able to get some training that would be valuable, this program is mostly geared toward experienced marketers. It also limits the ability to be creative with their blog.

Everyone has the same domain name, and the themes and plugins are limited. This approach makes everyone an equal instead of unique. This may not bother some, while it may be a problem for others. It just depends on how creative you would like to be with your blog.

One the plus side, this company is worldwide and can be accessed anywhere as long as a valid credit card is used to sign up for the program. This makes it easy for you to work from anywhere, allowing you more time to travel if you would like. This is great for free spirits who love to roam the earth.

Another plus for the program is they offer a 30day money back guarantee. Once you are billed for your first month, you are required to request a refund in 30 days if you are not satisfied with the program. The refund does not pertain to the $1 trail however.

Overall Pure Leverage is a great tool for those who are already knowledgeable and skilled in the marketing trade. There is a lot of valuable training and programs that are available to help businesses success. Remember that the key to success is to build a strong team and use the MLM game to your advantage.

While this is a great program for the experience, it may not be such a great program for people who are just starting out, but even the newest of members can walk away with some prime knowledge on how to advance their marketing techniques.

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