Islamic Design House


We are an innovative design house whose sole aim is to bring the latest fashions and innovations to our customers. Todays men and women put a lot of consideration into what they wear, and we at Islamic Design House are keenly aware of what we design for you.

Islamic Design HouseOur range of clothes suit all occasions, and most importantly they are fashionably modest. Our clothes stand out from the rest for the thought that goes into every piece. Each item is designed to make you feel special and properly attired as you attend an important ceremony or you’re simply going about your daily business.

We provide functional and innovative designs that will impress the most discernable customer. Coupled with our customer care, your shopping experience will be exceptional and unique and we’ll be a phone call or email away to ensure that everything goes as it should.

From beautiful hijabs to fashionable yet modest dresses for the women, and for the men, we have designer t-shirts and hoodies, all at very affordable prices.

To ensure that we maintain our high quality, we ensure that we are at the forefront in:

  • sourcing for raw materials
  • every aspect of the design process
  • The finished goods (each piece passes through a strict quality check)
  • The ordering and delivery process
  • After sales care

To complete the look, we also stock accessories such as handbags and jewellery.

Our core values are:

Integrity – Here at Islamic designs, we believe in maintaining the integrity of our company by providing you with quality products at fair prices.

Customers – We value each and every one of our customers, and we show this by treating you, our valued customer with respect, providing timely feedback, ensuring that we provide you with innovative products.

Employees – We value our employees for the wealth of talent that they bring with them. We realise that a company is people. We believe in fair wages for all our employees and giving each one of them the space and encouragement to be creative.

Excellence We aim to process orders and ship them out in the shortest time possible while maintaining an error rate of zero per cent. We believe that we are almost there.

Accountability – We aim for zero per cent errors, however when they do occur, we are happy to take full responsibility for it and rectify the situation immediately.

Passion – We are not just a business. We are passionate about bringing you the latest and best Islamic fashions. Your satisfaction is our joy, and without that we feel that we’ve failed. Ours is more than a business it is a lifestyle.

Core values – We believe in staying close to our core values to ensure that we don’t lose touch with who we are as a company and what our aims are. We want to create a company that we’ll be the pride of our community, by focusing on providing you with the best products at the best prices.

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