Mohamed Ali Aguel ShoppeHero Course

Mohamed Ali Aguel ShoppeHero Course

Mohamed Ali Aguel ShoppeHero Course

Okay to all those waving their credit cards around and getting all excited by the Mohamed Ali Aguel ShoppeHero Course that is currently being pushed I would advise to reign yourselves in a little. Take a couple of steps back, a few deep breaths and just relax your entrepreneurial mind. It’s not that new and definitely not that exciting.

First point to note is that this course is very very similar to the one offered by Harun Rashid & Ridwan Mahmood not so long ago. In fact, I would even go as far as to say they worked together on it or one copied/borrowed it from the other. There are a couple of other points that turned me right off this course too and I will mention these further along.

So, what is this course about?

In short this is basically teaching you about Dropshipping and how to setup a Shopify store to promote these products. Now Dropshipping has been the centre of many a discussion as to whether it is permissible in Islam or not however that is not the focus of this post. I would say if you are happy with the concept of it then great, and if you’re not comfortable with it then avoid it. There are always other options.

How Dropshipping works is pretty simple. You promote a third party’s products on your website. You don’t own or stock these products yourself and you haven’t paid for them. Once a customer purchases a product from you they pay you directly for this. You then pass the order on to the third party who will ship the product directly to the customer.

The profit comes from how much you are buying the product for and how much you are selling it for. Let’s say you are offering a wallet for sale at $20 and it costs you $10 to buy. The customer pays you $20; you then send the order to the third-party supplier along with $10. You just made a $10 profit. Although in real world terms you will most likely be working on smaller margins.

The reason for smaller margins in reality is that Dropshipping has become a saturated market and the only way to survive is by reducing margins and hoping for enough volume to compensate. This is also particularly difficult for beginners as it takes a whole lot of time to establish yourself as someone credible and trustworthy enough to order from.

Shopify is a purpose-built website platform that works as an online store and allows you to promote your products. In all fairness, it is pretty easy to setup and use and is professional looking too. However, it does come at a cost.

An alternative use for your Shopify store could be that you purchase products directly from Aliexpress or Alibaba (both Chinese exporters) and then sell them directly to customers. This way you can expect bigger profits but need some initial capital to purchase the products in the first place.

Costs and Conclusion

The cost of this course is $1997 or two payments of $998.50. There is also the additional cost of the Shopify setup which currently starts at $29 per month (after a 14-day trial period). You then have your ongoing advertising costs which if you use Facebook will probably mean spending a minimum of around $100 a month potentially up to thousands.

Now I mentioned earlier about a couple of points I wasn’t happy with and they are as follows:

Firstly, Mohamed Ali Aguel starts off with his story about being broke and homeless for four days. Well, actually, he had $2.69 and an old Toshiba laptop but that was it, and he slept for four nights in a bus shelter during the Canadian winter. He may well be telling the truth or this brother may just have watched The Pursuit of Happiness too many times. I don’t know and it doesn’t matter.

What matters is the principle of using a ‘rags to riches’ story to get buyers emotionally involved enough to purchase. If you have a great product, then sell its benefits and not a ‘dream’. Besides, if anyone has ever experienced a Canadian winter they can make their own minds up about the possibility of sleeping in a bus shelter through it!

And if $2.69 can feed you for four days then the cost of Canadian living must have hit an all time low, not to mention the durable Toshiba laptop battery that lasted the whole time too. Or maybe I’m just too cynical?

Mohamed Ali Aguel ShoppeHero CourseSecondly, looking at the testimonials page, further alarm bells began ringing – actually they were banging pretty painfully by now. There are at least three testimonials from ‘students’ who are also associated with the Muslim Entrepreneur Network. They may, of course, be genuine students of both courses but why would anyone sign up to two similar courses? Hmmmm….

And it gets worse. One of the testimonials is from non-other than Com Mirza. This chap claims to be a multi-millionaire but yet needs this Dropshipping/Shopify course to make a few extra dollars? I would find this amusing if it didn’t involve innocent buyers spending hard earned money and as such these tactics really frustrate me.

What does make me laugh (or maybe it’s a grimace) is the seven-day guarantee offered. Seven days?

If anyone can sign up to this course, learn all about Dropshipping, set up a Shopify store and make money all in seven days then I will eat my cheap Chinese mobile phone case! This guarantee is completely useless.

Finally, on the plus side, Mohamed Ali Aguel is actually quite charismatic and easy to listen to. I like him and trust me that is a big compliment coming from me. Also, hats off to him, his third free video is very useful to newbies. It explains some of the basics of Facebook advertising and Audience Insights – well done on this one, it’s a great pointer.

As much as you may just learn some things from this course, based on the price and selling setup I would say stay well away. You can learn all about Dropshipping at the fraction of the cost and set up your own website without any experience too.

And as mentioned this is now a saturated market offering very little return. There are plenty of other programs offering more potential without the initial investment.

Halal Income

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23 thoughts on “Mohamed Ali Aguel ShoppeHero Course”

  1. brothers and sisters do not buy these garbage courses you are just wasting your money.

    If you need to learn about dropshipping contact me I won’t charge you anything 100% free and I will direct you in the right direction.

    You will learn everything from setting up a store without monthly Shopify subscription, product research, and most important facebook ads.

    Allah is my witness I’m not here to promote any products but to stop brothers and sisters wasting their money.

    Many so-called gurus are targeting the Muslim community for their own gain as previously done my traffic monsoon scam, ACN scam, one-coin scam, bitcoin scam and many more..

  2. Aoa,

    I am also a pioneer student of shoppehero program. I would NOT recommend this course to anyone. Almost all the students have lost or are still losing money. They keep asking you to keep trying other products / change their targeting etc but no use to almost all the students as far as I know. Even their role model student is in serious loss.

    I will NEVER judge shoppehero program owners/teachers intention though as Allah knows best. However as far as recommending this program, I simply CANNOT recommend this program at all.

    As far as evidence is concerned why I m saying this, please try to get in touch with shoppehero students & you can verify urself then.

  3. You are allowed to have an opinion. I am one of the Pioneers of the Shoppehero course. I truly believe in the course. I haven’t made money due to my own mistakes, which are not Muhammed Ali’s fault. I gave a testimonial for the Shoppehero course. My name is Adeola Oke, and I was not paid to write this review!

    1. Thanks for the comments Adeola. Hopefully things will start working out and you will start making some money soon.

    2. So let me get this straight Adeola, you provided a testimonial for a course you made no money on??!! Am I missing something here?

      How can you promote something that hasn’t worked for you? And why would you encourage others to waste their money too?

      Seriously you need to take a look at your actions and worry about how many people have lost their hard earned savings because of half baked testimonies such as yours!

      1. I didn’t say that I didn’t make any money. I made some sales, but because I was over zealous, I started deviating from his plan and that reduced my sales. ALL MY FAULT! So Jay, I can’t stand around and let someone hate on a hardworking brother. Mo Ali literally spends more than 2 hours talking during live sessions, and he doesn’t end the session until all questions are answered. I ask you, how many teachers muslim/non-muslim can be this patient? Like all start-up businesses, there is always a loss in the beginning – the wise will give it a year before quitting or bad-mouthing the teacher.

        1. But don’t you think, if no one is making money that Mo Ali is doing everyone a disservice by wasting everyones time teaching them skills that due to the oversaturated market they will never be profitable.

          Sure, you are learning skills, but why? If you can’t make money…

      2. Another sad point is that some brothers and sisters, naively, had trusted in what he/they (since it s a team) said because they are siblings. However already the promotion of the course is misleading. And of course it s easy to just blaim the student of having done mistakes.

    1. Salaam, this post was sent in by a guest contributor and we will happily pass on your questions to them directly if you wish.

      All guests posts are validated by our own team to ensure they are representative of the actual product reviewed and we are happy to confirm that this is an acceptable review of the system.

      You may of course wish to add your own review and we will gladly publish it after due validation.

      1. Why wouldn’t your guest contributor put their name on this post? What’s their to hide?

        It’s interesting how all your websites traffic seems to be coming from you guys hating on others so you can promote your own courses and products. Couldn’t find a better way to do business?

        May Allah guide us all.

        1. Salaam Mustafa, we have to respect our readers wishes and if someone asks for their details not to be made public then we never will, although we still require their details for our own records and to help validate what they are telling us.

          As for the website traffic, not really sure what you mean brother?

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