Survey Junkie Review – Does it Pay?

Survey Junkie Review - Does it Pay?

Survey Junkie Review – Does it Pay?

Survey Junkie is a website where you can make money by doing surveys. Survey Junkie itself isn’t the maker of the surveys and doesn’t provide the surveys. Survey Junkie connects its users to other survey panels where the surveys originate from. Read our Survey Junkie review to learn more.

Survey Junkie is not a multi-level marketing company or a pyramid scheme. It works more as a middle man that connects people who want to earn money by doing surveys, with panels that offer money to complete surveys.

One feature that Survey Junkie has is a feature that’s shared by many survey sites, which is that it operates on a point based system instead of a cash based system. This means that when a user earns enough points, they exchange those points for cash.

How much does it cost?

Survey Junkie doesn’t cost any money to start or to use. However Survey Junkie does have an up-sell to a membership to join a different survey panel.

How does it Work

Survey Junkie works like this: you sign up for their website and give them all of your information. Once you’re registered, you will have access to a bunch of survey panels that you can sign up on to actually take the surveys. All of your points are awarded through Survey Junkie, so you don’t have to worry about keeping track of all of the separate ones, which is one of the upsides of the website.

There is also a membership to another website that lets you register for survey panels as well, which Survey Junkie promotes at half price, making it $34 dollars.


It keeps you from having to register for a bunch of different survey sites and keep track of all of them, that way you don’t have to earn points for all of the different sites and cash out, you can just cash out from the Survey Junkie website, which is a big plus.


Survey Junkie has been accused of really bad spamming habits in the past, which many people find to be something that could’ve been prevented. This is said to have been corrected, but there are still members who report being spammed.

Survey Junkie also has an up-sell that many people find to be useless. Survey Junkie offers a membership to another website that connects you with other survey sites. Many people find this useless because it is a site just like survey junkie, and they wonder why they would pay for something they can already get free. Another reason is because the paid membership doesn’t give surveys it only allows the user to join other survey panels.

Other Information:

Survey Junkie doesn’t require you to make a website or market. They do offer a referral program though for you to earn a little extra money.

This website is probably most appropriate for a younger person who can’t do other opportunities because of age. It’s also appropriate for someone who has a little free time and would like to earn a little bit of extra money in their free time.

The income you can earn off of this website isn’t going to be anything significant. You can earn a little bit of extra money to supplement your income but you won’t earn enough to live off of or quit your job but if you are happy with a little bit extra here and there this may just work for you.

Survey Junkie is also suitable for someone who is just starting out in online endeavours and isn’t an expert in how to make money online. This will provide provisional income while they learn the best ways to make money and figure out how they actually want to go about it.

Overall, Survey Junkie is doable. It’s free, which is always a big deal to people who want to make money online. It allows you to sign up for many different survey panels, and lets you collect the rewards in one convenient place.

While using Survey Junkie won’t make you rich, or even make you a significant amount of money, it can supplement your income with a little bit of extra cash that you can make in your free time.

As with every program there are a couple of bugs that need to be worked out, such as spamming and up-selling of what many consider a useless membership. But overall, it’s a legitimate program to earn a little extra money doing surveys.

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