EWealth Blueprint Review – Not Quite What it Makes Out to be

EWealth Blueprint Review - Not Quite What it Makes Out to be

EWealth Blueprint Review – Not Quite What it Makes Out to be

E-wealth blueprint is simply a step by step coaching program that claims to educate you on how to make money with websites. The program was created in 2013 by Matt Carter and here we have an eWealth Blueprint review for you.

Matt is an internet marketer, amongst other things, and he develops resources and products to aid people in developing/starting online businesses. And E-Wealth blueprint is one of those businesses. It promises to help you generate money online (if you follow the steps judiciously, that is) with very little traffic.

The program does not involve any sort of MLM (multi-level marketing) where you profit through referrals; rather it employs something more related to affiliate marketing where income is generated per lead. I will explain this further, but let’s understand the functionality of the product.

How the Program Works

The program involves you, the intending business owner, creating small information-based websites, of say, about five to ten pages. The program teaches you how to do that, by the way. You do not need any prior website design knowledge to create these sites. These sites do not necessarily require the visitor to buy anything. All the visitor has to do is fill in a basic form requesting a call back from a business owner.

The goal of creating the site is simply for lead generation. An email capture form is visibly displayed and used to get these leads. A lead is basically the contact information of a customer who is interested in a specific product/service. It usually includes an email address, phone numbers, names, etc.

How is a lead generated?

It is quite easy really. Once your site has been created with all the necessary information on the product/ service you are promoting, a prospective customer who is sold on or interested in what your site says it can offer, will then fill his/her contact information on the capture form, automatically granting you access to contact them further concerning the product.

Once they click submit, he/she automatically becomes a lead. Now, this lead can be sold to a business owner who can provide them with the product/service they are interested in. This is where the money comes in, sales of leads. Remember you are not directly selling anything yourself, just connecting your leads to people who are.

Matt calls this process funnelling. A situation where you find people who are interested in a product or service, you link them to people who can provide such service. You play a kind of middleman role.

Also, the program promises that these sites can make you lots of money with very little traffic. He claims that with as low as 30 visitors a day, you can get as much as 2000 US dollars in a month.

One of the reasons for this fast-paced profit is how the site is designed to ensure that the action you want the potential leads to make does not involve them leaving your site. That is, the capture forms are filled directly on your site, with no redirection. And as long as the traffic does not leave your site, the conversion rates are higher. With redirection, comes less conversion.

I applaud the strategy of generating leads, albeit not new, it simplifies a lot of processes. But the big question is this: after getting the leads, what next? How do you find prospective buyers for your leads?

And to me, this is the most important part of the process, the selling of leads. I mean, what good is a list of leads if you cannot make money out of them?

That is where the newbies mostly suffer. He makes it sound so appealing and easy to get buyers for the people on your list, but he leaves no direct guidance on how to contact and approach them. As a matter of fact, he avoids that question like the plague, as well as many most other questions and complaints. On his blog and promises that he addresses all questions but he does not, not sufficiently anyway. He merely touches on the subjects.

At times he even goes as far as deleting comments, if it does not suit his intentions, or if it exposes the program’s limitations. If you’ve ever wondered why it’s only all praises for his products on his blog, this is why. This is quite a shady tactic and should be warning enough to stay away.

The most he did was provide a template on how emails should be sent to potential buyers. That’s about all there is, and honestly, it does not do much either, especially not for beginners.

Also the part of the program where he assures you that you can make about $2000 in a month if you can get about 20 to 30 visitors per day is just so wrong.

This particular ruse I believe was meant to lure in gullible beginners and first timers, because anybody well-grounded in the business of online marketing is well aware that attempting to generate that much money with so little traffic is bogus. It is just not feasible, despite the money magnet WordPress theme he claims can jump due process of things. It is very unrealistic.

Amongst its other flaws, these are my major drawbacks with the product. It promises to make money for me, yet it doesn’t tell me exactly how. And the part where he does tell me how turns out to be impossible. Nevertheless, let’s weigh the pros and cons,


Provides a 60-day guarantee.

You are not selling anything, just connecting sellers to buyers

Product is easy to use

It is easy to contact and get access to the owner (although you may not get a response!)


Not suitable for beginners

Does not make do on its promises

No free trial

No, follow up on its users

No detailed quality training as most questions are left unanswered

Owner may leave you hanging if/ when you encounter difficulties with using the product

I could keep going with what is so wrong with the product, but I’m sure you get the picture by now. The only thing I can see going for this guy’s product is the part where he teaches you how to build a website and to generate leads. And frankly, it is not much.

You can easily learn how to build a lead website by surfing and researching online under a week. It is quite easy and way cheaper. As for the other things he raises our expectations on, their viability is unforeseeable, to say the least.


In summary, this product is somewhat of a ruse and falls short of expectations. Contrary to its name and aim, it fails to provide a detailed plan in creating wealth online. So would I recommend this product to anyone?

Not by a long shot.

Halal Income

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