Muhammad Alshareef Visionaire Online Program

Muhammad Alshareef Visionaire Online Program

Muhammad Alshareef Visionaire Online Program

As much as we don’t really get involved in any religious offerings too much there are some aspects of Muhammad Alshareef, the founder of Visionaire Online Program, that can be marked as questionable. But before we go into that let’s take a quick look at what Visionaire Online is all about.

So this is not a course on teaching you dua’s but more a focus on how you perform dua. It a nutshell it will help you perform dua with more passion, integrity and meaning.

It uses common mind-set training and personal development techniques to get you to envisage what it is you are actually praying for and the outcome you want.

One testimonial states; Was that a luxury holiday you wished you could take this year or was snowboarding always something you wanted to master?  Did you want to build a multimillion dollar empire through property development or go to Hajj with your entire family?”

Other than the Hajj trip is this really the kind of outcomes you are encouraged to make dua for? Let’s hope not.

As much as it all sounds good in theory it is ultimately down to the individual to decide whether they need help with their dua’s and whether they are prepared to pay the $197 price tag to receive this help.

However the aim of this post is more to look at the individual who is running this program, Muhammad Alshareef, rather than the program itself.

It seems that over recent years many Muslim entrepreneurs have turned to promoting each other’s products and receive either commission in the process or receive reciprocal advertising.

All the common names are now linked; Haroon Qureshi, Harun Rashid, Com Mirza, Mohamed Ali Aguel, Muslim Entrepreneur Network to name a few. And now Muhammad Alshareef too has joined this band of merry brothers.

He has currently been pushing the Shoppehero course by Mohamed Ali Aguel claiming how great it is and how his followers should sign up to it too:

Muhammad Alshareef Visionaire Online Program

However when questioned by one of our team as to whether he has actually used this course himself and what success he has had with it he declined to answer. When pushed again about the risks involved and future expenditure he decided to delete the comments and block our team member.

This, by the way, seems to be a common approach from these guys. Any time they get asked difficult questions they resort to deleting and blocking. Haroon Qureshi has done it and so has Harun Rashid.

This is the main reason for this particular post. Not to warn of the program offered but to outline the type of person promoting this program. It is our logic that if someone is being evasive or lying about one topic they shouldn’t be trusted on any topic.

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6 thoughts on “Muhammad Alshareef Visionaire Online Program”

  1. I have few questions that I am concerned. I do enjoy reading your content, but I can’t find anywhere on your website any information about you? I don’t see any terms of services, privacy policy or legal disclaimer! No contact information about you to reach you directly? Who is the person behind these good contents? All the photos on this website are from stock photos and dating app sites LOL. Jazakum Allah khairun.

    1. Salaam Yusuf and you have valid questions, let us try and answer. We are a group of like minded individuals who have one thing in common: we hate to see people get ripped off, especially those who are desperate and vulnerable and especially in the name of our religion. We all have our own day jobs and a such have no interest in becoming internet ‘heroes’ promoting our faces everywhere. Yes, we use stock photos (not sure about the dating Apps though?) because that is what they are there for. We don’t seek fame & attention, only to warn others to be careful when it comes to outlaying large sums of money. Especailly when it is money they can’t afford to lose.

      This is not a business page so no T&C’s or disclaimer required although a privacy policy may well be introduced as we do collect some personal data. Thank you for that suggestion.

      We do not have a contact page but you can always get in touch on our Facebook page if you have any other questions.

  2. Really disgusting. The name of your site is halalfoundation and your page is full with haram picture of sisters. Only putting a cloth on head does not fulfill the need of hijab. You should remove the pictures immediately. Anyway, thanks for the review.

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