Islam – The Beginnings :

IslamIslam“Islam” is an Arabic word that means “acceptance,” “surrender,” “submission,” or “commitment,” and is closely related to the Arabic word for peace (salaam; in Hebrew, shalom). Adherents of Islam are called Muslims, literally, those who make peace. Muslims are… Read More

The Origin of the Quran  :

QuranThe Quran is the holy book which Muslims recite and turn to for guidance in all aspects of their life.

It is the last testament in a series of divine revelations from God. It comprises the unaltered and direct words of God, revealed… Read More

Shahadah :

There is no god worthy of worship except Allah and Muhammad is His messenger.

This declaration of faith is called the Shahada, a simple formula which all the faithful pronounce. In Arabic, the first part… Read More

Salat :

SalatSalat or Salah is the name for the obligatory prayers that are performed five times a day, and are a direct link between the worshipper and God. There is no hierarchical authority in Islam and there are no priests. Prayers are led by a… Read More

Zakat : 

ZakatThe third pillar is the Zakat or Zakah (alms tax), typically paid to a religious official or representative of the Islamic state or to a representative of a local mosque.

This amount is traditionally set at one-fortieth, or 2.5 percent, of the value of all… Read More

Sawm :

FastSawm, fasting during the holy month of Ramadan, is the fourth pillar of Islam.

Ordained in the Holy Qur’an, the fast is an act of deep personal worship in which Muslims seek a richer perception of… Read More

Hajj :

HajThe annual pilgrimage (Hajj) to Makkah is an obligation once in a lifetime for those who are physically and financially able to perform it.

About two million people go to Makkah each year from every corner of the globe… Read More

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