Andrew Reynolds Cash on Demand Review


Andrew Reynolds Cash on Demand Review

If you are still trying to crack the code and completely decipher what Internet Marketing and Online Business is all about then read on. This is an insight not only into Andrew Reynolds first book “Copy This Idea” but also a Cash on Demand review – A review of the system that (Andrew claims) shows you how to make millions just like he did.

The book itself quickly occupied the first position in over 600 WH Smiths shops in the UK, not only in the Business Book chart but also in the Non-Fiction charts. This is a testament to the fact that this particular niche is a thriving one and as such potentially provides ‘easy pickings’ for those selling the dream of changing your life. Even more so for those who have the ability to produce juice flowing sales letters and enticing emails promising you thousands every month with little or no effort on your part.

Working from home is a dream for many and there are millions of people across the world that are unhappy with their day jobs. People who wish to have steady income streams and be able to meet their expenses, pay their bills and clear their debts. You may have heard overnight success stories on the Internet, people claiming to have gone from rags to riches, from bicycles to Bentleys and from council houses to country mansions – and this carrot just keeps getting dangled in front of you.

Internet businesses do thrive though and some of the success stories you have heard of or read about may indeed be real. However there is a massive amount of work, time effort and further expense involved in that void that sits in-between “Sign up to this amazing programme” and “Earn thousands every month”!

Online businesses are a reality and they can and do work – Online ‘Scams’ are also a reality and you could end up throwing good money after bad and not earn a penny

Cash on Demand

CoDAndrew Reynolds was the first ‘Marketeer’ I came across back in 2005 before I even knew what a Marketeer was and the internet was just a twinkle in my eye. I received a mailshot through the post which sounded like a dream come true. Without too much work I too could become a success like the author, Andrew Reynolds.

All I needed to do was send of for this ‘Cash on Demand’ course and the rest would just fall into place. So with great excitement I placed my order and waited in anticipation until my package finally arrived.

When it did arrive it was in paper form, a brochure of sorts. This was way before the DVD revolution and the waiting of the post just heightened the excitement. I read through it and as much as it promised all sorts and gave an insight into Andrews’ success it actually provided very little ‘information’. Oh well maybe that would be covered in next month’s edition.

I never made it to next month’s edition as due to financial shortfalls I had to cancel my subscription and in all fairness the cancellation procedure was pretty straightforward with no barriers.

It was around two to three years later when I came across the Cash on Demand system again. Although I was still on the mailing list I had moved around a bit so never really received any mailshots or such and it was only when visiting my parents’ house I found a letter addressed to me. It was from Andrew.

I opened it and it was nothing like the original mailing I had received. This was a professional glossy two page flyer with bold headings and catchy photos of Andrew with his big house, car and yacht.

It just so happened whilst also flicking through the TV channels I came across the Entrepreneur Channel and who do I see on it? That’s right Andrew Reynolds promoting his system. Not only promoting it but also having a TV crew follow him about as he showed the nation how easy it was to set this up and watch the money rolling in. The camera crew actually showed his bank account with money coming in. Again I was sold and it wasn’t long before I had signed up a second time!

It was many months later that I realised Andrew actually owned the Entrepreneur Channel and the reporters were in fact working for him.

This time round the monthly brochures were more in a professional manual form with a better finish and more pages. More pages however didn’t equal more information, just more space to fill with Andrews’ stories and promises.

I did persist though and continued for several months. As much as the pages were mainly filled with ‘live the dream waffle’ they still provided motivation and an insight into what was achievable. My mind was made up; this was the line of business I wanted to follow. And to that I have to give credit where it’s due and thank Andrew Reynolds.

As far as the actual content went Andrew was suggesting that I find a product, an information product, that I could have the licence to or rights to re-sell. This product would cost as little as £5 and ideally sell for £50. The customers who purchased this product would then go into my mailing list to be sent further offers on better and more expensive products.

This is Andrews funnel theory. The more people you put into the funnel the more come out at the bottom. A larger number of customers will spend £20 with you with fewer spending £200 and even less spending £2000. Either way you are making money as the more expensive products have a much bigger margin in them so fewer sales still equates to a big profit.

Each monthly module focussed on a particular area such as where to source these information products, how to duplicate them into paper, CD or DVD. How to use a fulfilment house to process orders and how to build up a mailing list.

The theory was great I understood this perfectly. However the facts of how to go about actually putting all this into place were a little vague and there was no easy way of actually attracting customers to whichever product I would end up selling.

As motivated and excited as I was I still had no clear indication of where and how I should start and exactly what product I should be selling. What I needed was a simple step by step hold my hand style of course that didn’t just offer me a glimpse and leave me to guess the rest but one that actually walked me through from start to finish in a logical order.

The old days of classified ads were well in the past and Andrews’ information on modern methods such as Websites and Social Media was limited making his system look dated. I realised this more so when after a year I once again cancelled my subscription (I really didn’t know where it was going) and decided to look elsewhere. And once again, all credit to him, cancelling was not a problem.

The internet was kicking in now and I realised there were many other systems out there plying their trade too and in a mad rush to make my fortune got my fingers burnt several times. That’s when I sat back and decided to educate myself on the ways of marketing, internet marketing in particular, and things began to make sense. I will touch on this further on.

Still on Andrews’ mailing list it was a couple of years when I received the next big mailshot from him and this time it was obvious he was moving with the times. His new programme was more internet based and involved his new ‘secret project’. Having some idea of how the internet worked and the basics involved I decided to sign up…..again. But this time with a much matured and knowledgeable head on me.

As much as the current Cash on Demand course incorporates modern portals such as Social Media and Websites the basic process of it hasn’t changed. You are still signing up to a monthly subscription (currently £30 per month) but receiving the quality content in only dribs and drabs.

The follower is also left at a loose end as to the actual detail of putting it all together. Knowing what a website is and does is not the same as being shown exactly how to setup and use one. It all well and good having a product in place with a nice profit across it but how exactly can you get customers to the product?

This, unfortunately, is where this particular system lets you down. It is costly, a little blurred and way too slow. In this day and age where we want information and we want it now waiting a month for the next supplement that may or may not disclose the important missing links we are waiting for is just too long.

There are better, quicker, cheaper and even free ways of obtaining all the information you need and more. If you want to know what and where to look I will touch on this at the end.

I openly admit to working with Andrew on more than one occasion and on more than one venture. I also admit I have worked with several other big Internet Marketeers on both sides of the ocean and have learnt a little something from every one of them. Amongst the hundreds (if not thousands) of scammers out to get your money there are many good guys teaching you the essentials albeit at a cost.

It is their business to teach you about your business. You pay a price and you receive a product or service. There is no guarantee how good or bad that product or service is and whether it is actually suited for you or not. This you only realise after the event in which case any reputable marketer will have no qualms about cancelling your subscription and many now offer a trial period. Again just use your head and do a little research.

As much as I can’t sing the praises of the Cash on Demand system Andrew himself is a pretty decent guy doing what he knows best, selling his products. Over the years I have had numerous communications with Andrew some good, some informative and some ‘sensitive’ ones although these were more out of my frustration at something not working for me rather than anything Andrew had done.

Yes it is a fair point that paying Andrew thirty pound a month or so fully entitles me to have a query answered but some of this communication has been without me being signed up to any programme and have still had a response from Andrew so can’t fault him on that.

There have also been stories circulating about Andrews’ team of lawyers scouring the web for any negative reviews and having them removed. True or not I can’t say but what I can comment on is that any factual honest review – good or bad – of Cash on Demand or any other legitimate system would not be removed by Google or other search engines whereas any bitter, spiteful and uncorrelated review born simply out of frustration of not making millions instantly with no effort will most likely be removed.

Okay that covers the Cash on Demand system but what’s the book Copy This Idea all about?

Copy This Idea

funnelAs a general book Copy This Idea is actually quite a decent read. It covers Andrews story and his success whilst providing the motivation required to get off you backside and make a change, take a risk or just look at a different direction to where you are currently headed.

It doesn’t offer any hands on money making tips because that isn’t the reason behind this publication. The reason is simply to get you into the (in)famous Andrew Reynolds funnel.

Any Internet Marketeer will tell you the same, it’s all about the upsell. Offer everyone a budget priced product to get their attention and more importantly their details. This could be a free guide to anything, a cheap eBook, a nice pen or in Andrews case a Copy This Idea book. This is the top of the funnel.

You then have a target audience to promote your next product to i.e. a £30 a month Cash on Demand course. You are moving these customers down the funnel and the products get more costly.

Andrew will follow you up with bigger, better and more expensive ventures leading up to his Bootcamp seminars costing thousands. This is the bottom of the funnel. There will be more people at the top buying his book and less at the bottom paying to attend his Bootcamp hence the funnel shape.

As a business/money making setup the funnel idea is great and there is no reason why you can’t implement the same strategy into your own ventures. Andrew isn’t forcing anyone to sign up to something they don’t want it’s simply a reversal of the retail industry. In retail you sell something expensive like a television, fridge or even a pair of shoes and they will then try and sell you a lower priced item such as extended guarantee, shoe protector or even laces!

So going back to my initial statement yes the book in itself is a decent read but don’t be surprised if you are persuaded throughout it into signing up for Cash on Demand or end up on Andrews’ mailing list.

The Conclusion

Andrew has made his money at a time when his system could and did work. In today’s world it is a slow, dated process that doesn’t provide enough details or cover enough areas to cater for the hi-tech world we live in.

The latest version is more up to date than the previous ones but it is a case of too little too late. And from a cost point of view still too much.

It also involves further expenditure to buy product licenses, product development costs, advertising costs and so on.

There is still information to be gleaned from it but it’s a costly and time consuming way of doing so. Especially, as mentioned earlier, now that there are ways of getting all the basics you need at no cost at all.

It’s all well and good having a thirty or sixty day Money Back Guarantee but who really wants to go through the whole rigmarole of cancelling and waiting for a refund? What if you don’t have that initial amount to layout in the first place? If these are some of the concerns that you too have and finances are limited then you definitely need to read the last paragraph.

So Daniyal…. What Now?

This post wasn’t written to either promote Andrew and Cash on Demand or indeed to slate either of them, that’s not how I work and it wouldn’t be professional of me to act that way.

This was done simply to provide you with an insight as to what is involved and whether this is for you or not. When it comes down to it it’s your money and therefore up to you how and where you spend it.

The internet is a fantastic place to set up a little business venture either full time with a substantial income or part time with a second income. The potential to make millions is also right there it just comes down to having the right idea, the right time, the right audience and the right outlet all with a touch of luck thrown in.

Think about it. If entrepreneurs like Andrew and many others have made their fortune this way why can’t you?

There were two main concerns I had when starting out on my own. Firstly I was never sure how good the information or system was that I was about to fork out my hard earned money for and secondly there were times where I didn’t have any money to fork out even if I really wanted to sign up for something!

It frustrated me that every Tom, Dick and Harry was out to take my money and possibly take me for a ride but what could I do? They just made it sound so easy and each one sounded more tempting than the last one. After spending a small fortune I eventually became ‘expert’ enough to realise that basically every marketeer was selling me the same processes just dressing them up differently.

And the information they were plying me with could be found elsewhere if only I knew where to look – and it was by looking I found the perfect place.

Now I don’t go about promoting products just for the sake of getting a few likes or internet ratings and the reason for that is that just because something works for me there is no guarantee it will work for you.

And if my recommendation has just encouraged you to spend a decent chunk on something that hasn’t benefited you or lived up to its promises then that makes me look bad and anything I say after that will be treated with about as much excitement as chickenpox! – So the safest thing is don’t do it.

That said if I was to point you to a place which catered for all levels, beginner to expert, where you could learn everything you needed to know about setting up online, Internet Marketing, finding a niche, setting up a website, promoting your product, service or website and much more all at NO COST why would I not recommend this place?

The Halal Income Programme is a place which you can join for free, have all the information you need on hand and a community of like-minded folk all willing to help each other at any time. A place with no upfront fee, no contract to sign, no false promises and no obligation to do anything more than just browse and learn if that’s what you wish.

For those of you who have had ideas floating inside your heads and want to make a new start for yourselves, obtain financial independence, are not afraid of new challenges and appreciate you get back what you put in, this place is for you.

Halal Income

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5 thoughts on “Andrew Reynolds Cash on Demand Review”

  1. Whether you agree with his methods or not Andrew Reynolds found a formula that worked and he stuck with it until it paid off. The formula still works although Andrews process is a little dated right now.

    The main thing is stick with it and don’t give up.

  2. I also signed for Cash on Demand a long time ago and it was just dragging on and on with no end and no reward either.

    Andrew Reynolds is still going and is always sending me waffle about signing up to some new programme or other but they all follow same pattern – send me loads of money every month and I will show you nothing of any value in return!

  3. Yes I too have fallen foul of such internet scams. They prey on vulnerable people, usually those in debt or financial difficulty, and promise them easy money with little or no work.

    Before you realise it isn’t for real your already out of pocket.

    1. Yes and unfortunately when people are desperate they want instant change and programmes like these make it all sound a lot easier than it actually is.

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