Where to Buy Used Cars in the UK

Where to Buy Used Cars in the UK

Where To Buy Used Cars in the UK

So you’ve decided you need to change your car but where do you intend to buy your next one from? You can listen to friends and family until your ears hurt but it usually just leaves you more confused. So where to buy used cars in the UK?

After going through all the obligatory motions of pointing at cars as they drive past you, discussing what the neighbours and friends are driving, checking and re-checking Autotrader, reading the brochures and watching all the adverts you now probably have a fair idea of what you want.

So, now you know which car you want do you know where to buy your car from? Let’s go down the list:

Private Seller

Can be a good way to get a decent motor that has been well looked after but there are risks attached.

The biggest one being there is no going back should you have problems once you have taken it. Even if it is a one owner car with full history and your AA/RAC inspection has given it the thumbs up there is no guarantee the engine won’t conk out once you get it home or the gearbox crunches to a halt.

If it happens it’s all down to you and the initial saving of a few hundred pounds could end up costing you thousands.

Independent Garage

Do your research well. If this is a business that has been going strong for a few years with a good customer base and reviews then it could be a decent option.

Always get an independent inspection done though and ask the seller where they purchased the car from. Be wary if they avoid telling you. Check what the warranty covers or indeed if you are actually getting one. Any decent garage will offer some length of warranty with their cars.

If it’s a place that has changed hands more times than a package in ‘pass the parcel’ don’t even entertain it. If there are any doubts about the place or car again just walk away.

Main Dealers

Always the safest bet. Most people tend to avoid these as they think they will pay too much and as a consequence don’t even look at one but in reality these days there isn’t that much difference. Yes they will always charge a bit more mainly to cover their overheads but you also get a lot more in return.

The biggest advantage is that they are answerable to their bosses who are again answerable to the manufacturers so if done correctly complaints will always be resolved.

They are also liable for any HPI/Experian checks on the vehicle. So even if you find out months down the line that the car has information recorded against it you still have a case and protection.

Going back to the price if you know how to negotiate you should be able to get yourself a cracking deal. Remember the number of cars they actually sell usually has more significance to them than the actual profit each car makes. So if they know you are ready to put a deposit down they will try and get you the deal you want.

From a financial point of view you also get protection from the Financial Services Authority as these dealerships are regulated and have to offer their products and services in accordance with the guidelines. Any miss-selling could result in a big fine to the dealership.

Sole Traders

Avoid at all costs. They tend to either do this part time or have no idea of what they are doing. There may well be the odd decent trader out there but it’s easier to find a needle in a haystack.

Chances are the vehicle will have had no preparation done and even the seller probably doesn’t know what is wrong with it.


Unless you are able to repair cars yourself don’t buy your car from an auction. They will either be ex lease/rental cars that may possibly have been thrashed or cars sent there by main dealers because they are too old or have too many things wrong with them.

Most of these cars tend to be bought by the independent garages and sole traders above.

On a final note if you have any doubts on any vehicle or seller just walk away. Don’t feel pressured or obligated to buy a car just because you have driven it or have spent time with the seller.

On the flip side if you like the car and the deal is right don’t dilly dally either. Get your credit card out and get signing.

Halal Income

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4 thoughts on “Where to Buy Used Cars in the UK”

  1. Salam there … hope all is well. I m looking for a halal car finance … can u pls help me out ? Ideally looking for a car which worth £6k and I can put £2k towards it so really need £4k finance. Can u please give me a call back to discuss the options and opportunities?

  2. Just to add not all small work from home traders are bad. My husband has been doing it for years and takes great pride in selling a certain standard of used car and his aftercare is tremendous too.

  3. It’s interesting that Asians would never ever go to a car dealership to buy cars but now they first in the queue! I always believe it’s better to be safe even if you end up spending a bit more.

    Back street dealers just aint worth the risk.

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