Is the Amazing Selling Machine Cost Worth it?

Is the Amazing Selling Machine Cost Worth it?

Is the Amazing Selling Machine cost worth it?

If you have never heard of the $3,497 Amazing Selling Machine before, then you cannot be blamed for thinking that it is a joke. That being said, you would be surprised to know that plenty of consumers have hopped on to bandwagon in the hope of earning $100,000 per month in profits but is the Amazing Selling Machine cost actually worth the risk?

The people behind this training program have actually claimed that their product generates $100,000 in monthly profits for users. Are you struggling to buy into this propaganda? Read on to learn more about this much talked about $3,497 “premium training experience”.

What is the Amazing Selling Machine? A Shortcut to Earning $100,000?

The Amazing Selling Machine is perhaps best described in the words of its co-founder Matt Clark who defines his product as a training program and a live event that educates entrepreneurs how to build real, fast-growth businesses through selling physical commodities. This is done by leveraging the power of the largest internet based retailer in the world, Amazon.

The other co-developer of the Amazing Selling Machine is Jason Katzenback. It is worth noting that both Clark and Katzenback are extremely successful entrepreneurs, which is main the reason why a lot of people assume that the course offers great value. Whether that is the case or not will be clear for you to see in a short while.

One of the main reasons why the Amazing Selling Machine has garnered so much attention is because of its incredible price tag that reads $3,497. This is the amount of money that up-front buyers have to pay for the product. For those wishing to pay in instalments, 4 separate payments of $997 can be made to purchase the Amazing Selling Machine. In exchange for the thousands of dollars spent, buyers will be provided with the following items:

a) An 8 Week Online Training Course

b) Single Admission to 3 Day Live Event in Las Vegas

c) 1 Year Access to Amazon Business Building and Growing Tools

d) Lifetime Membership to Amazing Selling Machine Community and Forum

Is the Amazing Selling Machine a Scam?

The total package, although pricey, does not appear to be too bad at a cursory glance. However, the question that needs to be asked is, “Does the Amazing Selling Machine actually reap any financial rewards for its users?” In other words, will the training, the live vents, the community discussions and the financial tools help a person amass a $100,000 profit on a monthly basis?

As much as one would like to believe in this propaganda, the reality of the situation is that it is simply not logical for a training program to help a person become that successful in such a short amount of time.

This has compelled many people to believe that the Amazing Selling Machine is a scam. There is no reason to label the program as a farce. Nor is there any ground to call its co-founders cheats. It seems unlikely that the creators of the Amazing Selling Machine intended their product to be a scam.

That being said, it would not be wrong for someone to describe the Amazing Selling Machine as a clever, slightly deceitful marketing program that is a little too expensive for the common entrepreneur. To make matters worse, programs of a similar kind are already available in the market for a fraction of the cost.

What Does the Amazing Selling Machine Teach?

The Amazing Selling Machine is teaching Amazon business models and techniques that are already well known among many entrepreneurs. In other words, the co-founders have found a way to re-package widely and easily available knowledge into a fancy $3,457 program that will pique the interest of those who are unaware of the sources of knowledge in this field.

The things that are taught in this program can be learned in a $200 mediocre importing course. The following is a list of things that the Amazing Selling Machine provides education on:

a) Finding hot products using websites like

b) Finding smaller and light weight products where the delivery expenses are minimum

c) Locating depending Chinese suppliers using, etc.

d) Negotiating with suppliers to send samples

e) Testing samples for durability, strength and quality

f) Placing Minimum Order Quantity

g) Passing the order to the Amazon FBA program

This is pretty much what you will learn from the Amazing Selling Machine in a nutshell. In addition to this knowledge, you will have the support of the employees and the community members.

Why Does the Amazing Selling Machine not Work?

The Amazing Selling Machine works per se, but it does not meet the expectations of most users. It certainly does not guarantee profits, let alone a monthly earning of $100,000. The major reason why the efficacy of the Amazing Selling Machine can be doubted is because of the fact that not all products on Amazon are hot sellers. If you cannot find a hot product, your product will rot in the FBA storage facilities for months on end.

The Amazing Selling Machine makers claim that their high profit margins are generated because of how their users are taught to persuade buyers into going on a shopping spree. According to Clark and Katzenback, the users learn the tricks to convince people that their products have high value and are limited in supply. In other words, users find a way to make buyers believe that their product is the hottest commodity in the market.

Finding hot products to sell on Amazon or convincing people that a product is hot is not an easy thing to do by any stretch of the imagination. Amazon has an intensely competitive environment that is being flocked by more and more entrepreneurs with each new day. If you want to start an Amazon business, you should be prepared to risk $5,000 to $60,000 of your personal savings. It will take you quite a long time to break even and eventually start earning profits.

Developing products and advertising them takes a substantial amount of time. To add fuel to the fire, you will be required to pay extra fees for your logo, customs broker and shipping arrangements. When you do start reaping the rewards, the profits will not be anywhere near $100,000 unless you have your hands on one of the hottest products in the world, which is an unlikely occurrence.

Final Verdict

There are a lot of variables and additional FBA fees that the makers of the Amazing Selling Machine have conveniently decided to ignore. If doing business on Amazon was as simple and easy as taking an 8 week course for $3.5K to $4.5K that would result in payouts of $100K, then you would have seen a lot more happy, rich and successful entrepreneurs around you.

It is simply not worth the price and the hidden expenses. If you still want to try out the Amazing Selling Machine, then you are most welcome to do so and find out for yourself whether it has a secret path to a monthly goldmine worth $100,000.

As part of the fallout of this system not working members are invited to become Affiliates of the program. That is they are encouraged to promote (sell) the Amazing Selling Machine to every man and his dog!

So as a member you have realised that you are not going to make any money neither are you going to recoup what you have spent so as a lifeline you are now offered an incentive to promote what clearly hasn’t worked for you just to regain some of your losses.

Hence the reason why so many are claiming this to be the greatest thing since sliced bread but never actually back up any claims to success.

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2 thoughts on “Is the Amazing Selling Machine Cost Worth it?”

  1. Don’t even think about trying this out. It’s a complete waste of money and they don’t even mention the amount of time, effort and extra spending involved once you sign up.

    I can’t believe these guys are even getting away with charging this ridiculous price :-/

    1. Unfortunately there are desperate folk out there who will always be tempted to part with a substantial amount of money for that ‘magic potion’ that will change their financial situation.

      The glossy sales pitch and slick websites are great at dragging you in but it’s always too late by the time reality kicks in.

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