Which Internet Business Opportunity Should you Join?

Which Internet Business Opportunity Should you Join

Which Internet Business Opportunity Should you Join?

We all know that Online Business Courses have been around for a while now and have a pretty mixed reputation, and with good reason too. For those just starting out it can be a minefield of information so, which Internet Business Opportunity should you Join?

First thought let’s look at the common types of programs being offered to prospective entrepreneurs. I am not going to focus on any individual names here as there are literally hundreds (if not thousands) of these floating around the internet but just the general types that they fall into.

Traditional MLM Schemes

These are the worst of the bunch. These are the programs that don’t have ANY products for you to sell. You pay a high price to sign up and then the only way you can earn from them is by getting someone else to sign up too.

You then get commission for that person signing up and if they in turn get someone else to sign you usually get a little of that commission too. The problem is this always leads to desperation as you try and claw some of your initial expenditure back.

You end up trying to convince friends and family to sign up too and this can only end one way – damaged relationships.

Online Business Opportunities

These are those courses that promise to set you up with an online business of your own. You pay an upfront fee, usually quite a high one, and then receive training on what to do next. Sometimes the training is good and sometimes not so. There are also some where the training is far too complex for the average person to get going without any prior knowledge.

There is also the common practice of upselling. That is, once you are in to ‘help’ you even more you are told you should buy this additional product or that additional course. To the point where most either give up or make very little.

Affiliate Programmes

Always a popular one and generally speaking these work for most people. You do need some training but once you are up and running it’s easy to expand and incorporate further affiliate links.

The results can take some time to show and are usually pretty small amounts but a good long term opportunity that can run alongside a bigger business.

Low Priced Courses

These are generally pretty good but only teach you the basics. Great for beginners but no so good for earning a decent passive income within the first year. Learn what you can from these and then look at other options.

Drop Shipping

This one used to work pretty well but then the market became a little saturated as everyone became involved in it. You basically promote a third parties product, the customer buys from you, you take your cut and pay the rest to the third party who will send the product out to the customer.

This is great if you can find the right supplier and have a decent margin for yourself. Once up and running it’s a super little business without the headache of having stock or an inventory. There are many who have made a huge amount of money by having several dropshipping businesses set up.

Amazon Store

Having your own Amazon store was all he rage a few years back but now this is a massively crowded area to be in. Unless you have something really special and really unique to sell then you don’t have much of a chance.

That said it is a great way to get into selling online without splashing out too much. It also works great if you run it alongside your own website and maybe an EBay shop too.

Our Final Word

Whatever you get into just make sure you do your homework first. Not every type of online business will suit you. Some require more work and some more knowledge. Some will need a big outlay while others are relatively cheaper to begin.

Most of the above can and do work, just find the right style for yourself.

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