Three of My Favourite Hacks

Three of My Favourite Hacks

Three of My Favourite Hacks

We know there are endless tips, tricks and old wives tales for making our lives easier on the internet these days but I thought I would share three of my favourite hacks of all time with you.

Toilet Odours

I learnt this one a long time ago when I was at University campus and for a while had to share the bathroom with four boys (yuk!).

Now I’m not saying males and females don’t have the same bodily functions but for some reason these guys would leave the toilet stinking!

I was sat with the girlies one day when one the ladies from the canteen overheard us chatting about this and gave us the best advice ever – just light a couple of matches. It was as simple as that.

It turned out that anytime there was a bad odour left in the toilet just lighting a couple of matches and letting them burn removed this smell immediately. It is the smoke that is released that burns off the offending molecules leaving you with a more manageable and very temporary match smell instead.

From there on we just left a box of matches in the bathroom and instructed the lads what to do with then when they had done their business. They were actually pretty impressed by the science of it.

Fridge Odour

Though fridges don’t necessarily smell bad, unless of course you leave out of date food in there too long, the combination of various products in close vicinity inside can lead to a slightly unpleasant smell at times.

This is more likely to happen in a big family fridge like ours where it’s always crammed full of stuff we don’t even remember buying.

The simple solution here is to cut a lemon in half and leave it in the back of the fridge. Don’t ask me the science of this but my fridge always smells fresh and lemony and I just change the lemon every so often.

Mowing the Lawn

I have to say my best ever hack that I learnt from my other half bless him. The first time he did this I just laughed at him but now I see the logic big time.

Mowing the lawn used to cause me one big headache. All my shoes and socks would go green and so would anything I then stood on. I then purchased some special willies but they would then also need cleaning when they got too dirty creating another job.

Not only that but this also meant I had to either change into my normal shoes and walk back across the lawn to put the willies away or put them away first and walk back to the house, again across the lawn getting green grass juice everywhere.

So what does Mr Cleverclogs do? Pure brilliance. He gets two plastic carrier bags and ties one over each foot, over his shoes and starts mowing. When finished he simply takes then off and chucks them away leaving his shoes underneath unmarked. He ties the bags up to below his knee therefore keeping his socks and bottoms clean too.

I now do this every time. Sure the neighbours may stare as I do the front lawn but that’s fine. I’m done and dusted watching telly again while they’re still tidying up!

One for Dragons Den I think!

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