At Home Income Package – Is it a Scam?

 Is At Home Income Package a Scam?

At Home Income Package – Is it a Scam?

At Home Income Package is a supposed online income opportunity. It claims that you can make as much as $379 per day, just by posting links online. Even more, the site claims you could start making money as early as today, as it poses itself as an instant money making system. But Is At Home Income Package a Scam?

Who is the Author of At Home Income Package?

The name of the person listed as the owner of the website is Ethan Anderson, but there is a lot of speculation that this is not the owners real name and that the name Ethan Anderson is made up. This should be warning enough to stop right there.

Does At Home Income Package Qualify as a MLM/Pyramid Scheme?

When you think of MLM’s or Pyramid schemes, you think of a person acting as a recruiter, more than a business owner. The recruiter’s job is to attract other people into the business opportunity and signing them up in your downlink.

When you enter the business, you are placed in someone else downlink, and in turn, it takes on the structural appearance of a pyramid, requiring marketers, or recruiters as we call them, to build a substantial amount of people underneath them who are active in the business in order to experience the profits that the opportunity proclaims.

In this instance, The Home Income Package is not structured with uplinks and downlinks, so it is not a pyramid scheme nor is it a MLM opportunity. But the whole objective of the program is to post links that others can click on in order for you to make money.

So while you making money is not dependent upon other people sales, an uplink of marketers or a downlink of them, The Home Income Package does involve other people finding interest in the links you post and you income is dependent upon the outcome of those clicks.

What Does At Home Income Package Cost?

When you first sign up, you are asked to pay a $97 start-up fee. As far as we can tell, there are not upsells or additional training or materials to purchase. There have, however, been multiple cases reported of people stating that a few days after they paid their initial payment, their credit card was charged by the Home Income Package without their prior knowledge.

How Does At Home Income Package Program Work?

The only thing the opportunity tells you upfront is that in order to make money, you must post links. By inference, you are to understand that some sort of activity is expected to be derived from posting those links, but what those actions are specifically are not expressed upfront.

It is not until you make the purchase and start the training videos that you discover that there is a lot more to the system than posting links. What you discover is that you are working as a an affiliate marketer, promoting the very same product you just opted in to: The Home Income Package.

There is not active community of other participants to interact with, which makes it very difficult to duplicate the success of others, or learn from their mistakes.

What Is At Home Income Package Promising You

The Home Income Package promises two things to its new members. First, the promise that making money online is easy- that all you have to do is post links. Second, they promise that you can get started making money the same day as you place your order.

With testimonials of people who have supposedly generated a substantial income from this program, and the posted images of supposed screen shots of “actual” earning, it is easy to fall for the scam, but do not do sign up for the program.

The promises offered are empty and unrealistic- nothing The Home Income Package claims will happen is what actually manifests into reality.

What Does At Home Income Package Involve?

In terms of work that is required, the only work that is revealed to you up front is the training that you pay for and the posting of links that you will supposedly get paid for. In the end, once you go through the training, you soon discover there is a lot more involved with the process including research and comparisons.

As far as the skills that are required, At Home Income Package claims that all you have to know how to do is read the training, follow the instructions and post the links. No special skill sets or trades or certifications are necessary, according to the website.

You are not required to have an eCommerce website in order to post the links or operate the business, but the training suggests that it could be helpful.

Is It Suited For a Beginner or Expert

At Home Income Package makes the opportunity appear to be so easy that a beginner could get started and attain the same success as an expert from the start, since the task of posting links require only the bare minimum of educations, if any.

The Final Thoughts on the Program

At Home Income Package is a scam. Not only are the claims bogus and unattainable, there are too many suspicious claims surrounding them around the identity of the owner being mysterious, their billing practices being scrupulous, their program being shaky, and even more, the numerous claims of people who have never been paid their earnings.

All in all, stay away from At Home Income Package and find a legitimate opportunity that is realistic and straightforward, with a good online reputation.

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