Is Empower Network an MLM Scheme?

Is Empower Network an MLM Scheme?

Is Empower Network an MLM Scheme?

The Empower Network is a business opportunity that has received a lot of bad press. It is currently still one of the most talked about business opportunities online today according to search results compiled from Google. The bad press has given people a reason to stay away from this opportunity before researching it thoroughly. The question remains, Is Empower Network an MLM Scheme?

What Program Does The Empower Network Offer?

The network was started by Dave Sharpe and Dave Wood in 2011. Since its inception, the company has grown exponentially, leaving others to question why and how. The business model for the network is a little complicated. Essentially, the program designed to help people make money, is a hybrid business product. It combines internet marketing, network marketing, and multi-level marketing together.

Claims of the business opportunities shortfalls come from the multi-level marketing strategies they employ. Multi-level marketing, commonly known as MLM is a marketing strategy where business owners make money off the work of others they refer to the business. A business owner gets rewarded for the work they do, and for the work that others they refer do. The concept of MLM makes sense, but it can be distorted if the strategies are put into the wrong hands.

How Much Does It Cost To Join?

The Empower Network is marketed as a business. Since it markets itself in this manner, there are costs involved to be a part of the opportunity. The network advertises a monthly investment of $25. However, this initial investment is not going to grant you the money that Empower Network promises.

Instead, you will have to choose to purchase some of the up-sell items offered by the company. The up-sell offers promise to grant participants higher commissions. There are five up-sell offers to choose from. The first warrants an additional commitment of $19.99 per month. The second is $100 per month and the costs rise from there. The third, fourth, and fifth up-sell offers can put a serious dent in a participant’s financial security. These up-sells are available for $500, $1000, and $3500 per month.

How Does The Program Work?

The Empower Network was founded on the principle of giving people the opportunity to build a business, while not jeopardizing their personal lives. The Network hosts one of the largest blogging communities online. It promises to help its members gain financial independence through content creation, blogging, and direct response marketing. In addition, it provides its members with educational products to help start and grow a home-based business.

The company boasts that there are six marketing tools and products provided. Anyone who chooses to join the network will be given its blogging system, video hosting & coaching products for starting up a home-based business, and on-going training on growing the business. The network provides a blogging system for owners and teaches them how to successfully market their products.

There are no skills required to join the network. Empower Network claims that they provide all the training that is necessary to successfully grow a business, and not have to dedicate a lot of time to it. Empower Network promises their members the same thing every business does, an opportunity to run a successful business and make a lot of money while doing it.

Who Is The Business Opportunity Suited For?

The ‘opportunity’ is suited for anyone that wants to make money through blogging. The key to making higher commissions is to refer other people to the network, where you can then make money off their accomplishments. Anyone that can write can be a part of the business opportunity. It is geared towards people from varying backgrounds and careers. The business states that they can train anyone to work the business successfully and make money.

The Final Verdict

The Empower Network business opportunity is at best extremely dubious. The company makes big promises to members, but does not deliver. They claim that they give their users 100% commissions on all the money that they make through blogging. This is not true.

The truth is the people that are doing the work, and putting in the time to blog, are only receiving some of the commissions that are owed to them. Most the commissions are given to people in your up line. The people that referred you, will be getting more money than you, even if you put in the work. After joining the Empower Network, you will be pressured into investing more money into the program.

The company will promise you that with a higher investment you will see larger commissions. To be eligible for larger commissions you must own one of the larger packages. The Empower Network asks for a lot of money upfront, and does not give their members the chance to progress through the ranks first.

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