The Digital Altitude Scam – Avoid This One!

 The Digital Altitude Scam – Avoid This One!

The Digital Altitude Scam – Avoid This One!

Digital Altitude is an internet-marketing program designed and created by Michael Force. Michael Force is a retired marine and he has also been part of other programs initially. However it wasn’t long after being introduced that the Digital Altitude scam reports began to come about.

It is categorized as a high ticket Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) with the goal of enriching just about anyone. At least, that is what the site implies. After joining, the term used for the members is “affiliate” and by working together, they are able to create a large network of affiliates.

The Cost

Firstly, you are offered a 14-day (2-week) trial for $1.

The cost changes when you decide to become an affiliate. It will then cost $17 every month.

As an affiliate, you can then choose from the different available levels you can join. The different levels come with different costs and they offer varying packages too.

Other than the cost of membership, you also have to look at the cost of their products. These range between $595 and $27,997.

How Digital Altitude Works

As an affiliate, you will be receiving a commission every time you recruit new members.

As mentioned first off you can get a 14-day (2-week) trial for $1. The goal of this stage is to convince you that you should become a fully subscribed member.

After deciding to become a member, your fee will change and you will be able to grow into the business and “make money” depending on the number of new recruits you bring into the program. After paying your $17 monthly fee, you will be termed an Aspire member.

You will be able to access a training videos as well as a lifetime coach. The purpose of these items is to guide you through the functionality of the pyramid.

As an Aspire member, there are three levels, each with a different cost and package description in reference to payouts as well as training. The three Aspire levels include the following.

Aspire Walker

This will cost you $37 every month and offers a 40% commission allowance. It has a 1 tier payout and you will receive start up training videos to help guide and inform you.

Aspire Hiker

This level will cost you $67 every month with commissions of up to 50%. It allows for 2 tiers of payout, provides more informative training videos as well as weekly training provisions.

Aspire Climber

The Climber level will cost you a whopping $127 every month and it offers commissions of up to 60%. There are three tiers of payout and you get weekly training.

Digital Altitude Products

So what products do the affiliates have to push in order to get the commissions? The first time you see the cost you have to incur for you to push their products you will be overwhelmed; especially for the average earning individual. Though they refer to them as products, it is important to note that they are not tangible.

Bottom line is that you must purchase one of their products and at “relatively high’ cost too. Look at this, their basic product goes for $595 and you can go all the way up to $27,997. All their product payments are one-time payments, which makes it difficult for the average earners to afford. Here are the prices for their 5 products:

  • l Base Membership – $595
  • l Rise Membership – $1997
  • l Ascend Membership – $9997
  • l Peak Membership – $16,997
  • l Apex Membership – $27,997

Who is it for?

Looking at the prices for their different packages, Digital Altitude is definitely not for the low-income earners. It is best for experts who understand how MLMs function and have the extra cash to spend (and can afford to lose it!). With this program, being at the top is beneficial in terms of both returns (they get the best commissions) and accessibility to products.


With the statistics at hand, Digital Altitude is very questionable in terms of the cost of membership, the products sold, against the returns and commissions. It seems over-hyped with the aim of recruiting as many individuals as possible without the goal of actually enriching them. In addition, the creator of this program has been linked to other failures of similar categories.

Lastly, with individuals providing testimonials of how they became millionaires in less than a month is rather dubious too. It sounds more like a fairy tale and if you were to look at it from a realistic view, it should be considered one to stay well away from.

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