Best Heater for Conservatory

Best Heater for Conservatory

Best Heater for Conservatory

This time last year we were sat at home thinking about ways to heat up our cold cold conservatory. There was a small token radiator fitted which did  next to nothing and no room to fit a bigger one. So what was the best heater for conservatory warmth?

Well the winter is here again and there must be others sat at home thinking the very same thing. Not necessarily about the conservatory but any room that needs a little heating up.

After much research and asking around we eventually ended up taking a gamble on this one and yes it certainly paid off.

“The Cadiz Eco range of oil free radiators offers the latest in innovative heating technology. Using unique micathermic heating technology, the Cadiz Eco heats a room 35% faster than oil filled competitors and offers up to 30% energy saving.”

Well that’s what the sales spiel says anyway but in layman’s terms what does it actually offer?

Product Features

Unique ‘twin panel’ oil free technology: You get heat from both sides of the heater (and the top too!). So you can choose where you want the heat to come out from. Useful if it is placed next to a wall as you don’t necessarily want the wall side heating up.

Electronic Climate Control with highly accurate thermostatic control: You can leave it on permanently and set the max temperature you want to keep it to. So as an example you set it to 25 degrees and switch it on.

The heater will stay on until the room reaches 25 degrees and then switch off. Once the temperature drops below 25 degrees it will automatically come on again until it hit 25 degrees and so on. Simple.

Built in electronic 24 hour programmable timer: If you want to set it to come on at certain times you can set it to do so. There are two settings for this so you may set it to come on/off in the morning between certain times and on/off again in the evening between certain times.

Great to warm the room before you wake up and before you get home in the evening.

Backlit LCD display: Nice clear, easy to read display.

Remote control: I have never used mine so can’t comment on the ease of use for this. I would guess though very handy if you are not mobile.

Integral cable tidy: The cable completely packs away when not in use so doesn’t look untidy or cluttered

Easy glide castors: Pull it to wherever you want (it actually isn’t that heavy either).

5 year manufacturers warranty: Peace of mind for 5 years – what more could you ask for?

It may sound like I work for the company or am on commission but no definitely not. It’s just such a great heater I thought I would recommend it.

Also it hasn’t really made any significant impact on the electric bill so seems to be pretty economical too although we only use it mainly in the cold months.

Oh and we went for the 3KW model as it is a medium size conservatory although fro a small room the 2KW model should be just fine.

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