5 Unique Work From Home Jobs

5 Unique Work From Home Jobs

5 Unique Work From Home Jobs

You may have heard people saying they work from home and make good money in return. It’s a fact, but it is also true that most of them start simply by blogging, online marketing, or content writing. However, you can always work on different lines, and that’s when you can consider one of the following.

Home Chef

Any of us who have worked in a restaurant at some point in time know it’s not an easy job. Fast pace and odd timings test the patience of many workers. However, there is an option for those who can cook well to work from home and avoid this problem. Many small businesses need someone to cook for their workers. They need a good chef to prepare lunch and dinner during the week.

All you have to do is to ensure that the food reaches the staff on time. You can prepare the meal at your home in the comfort of your own kitchen and then take it to the company for delivery.

There is also the option of catering for after work or private parties. Design a great looking menu with some tasty items on it and your reputation will soon take off.

Writing From Home

This one is a traditional job but is increasingly becoming a work from home job. You can start a freelance writing career and write either for a number of small clients or work for one big client that will keep you busy. Just like other such jobs, the key to success is not only delivering timely work but also good communication. Most of the time you will be using email for communication, so make it a habit to reply to the emails in a timely manner.

Also look at the wider field. copywriting, sales writing, storybooks or just proof reading what others have written.

Online Teaching

Many teaching positions have gone virtual during the last couple of years. There are a number of schools out there that have started looking for top quality teachers in fields like math, art, geography, languages, music and technology to name a few.

If you are licensed or certified, you can have responsibilities such as running online tutorials and instructions, evaluating and monitoring the progress of the students and even collaborating with other teachers to discuss important matters related to the progress of the students.

There are many nationwide employers so no matter which part you live in, you will be able to find some opportunities to work as an online teacher.

Even without teaching qualifications think about any other skills or hobbies you may have that you can pass onto others – at a price of course.

Can you knit? How about teaching people to draw? Maybe simple DIY? The list is endless.

Online Fitness Trainer

People are becoming increasingly inclined to search about their health issues online. Health and fitness has never been a more popular subject

The role of the local gym instructor has been replaced by online trainers who have their own training manuals that people can access from the comfort of their homes. You can become a fitness coach and help other achieve their fitness targets by working from your home. You can create your own workout plans, online tracking programs, tracking of nutrients intake and even help your followers with email or phone coaching sessions.

However, before you venture out on this path, a couple of years of personal training experience are recommended. You don’t want to be instructing people and solving their problems when you haven’t yourself experienced how tough it is to follow a training plan

The great thing with this is when someone asks you about something you’re not sure about you have time to research the answer before you get back to them.

And remember there are a lot of gym newbies out there too shy, nervous or lacking in confidence to approach an instructor face to face so this is the ideal solution for them.

Global Advertising

Advertising is a job where you need to interact with many people like partner agencies and the team of stakeholders to get the job done. Still, it is a job that is increasingly becoming a work from home job. Even professionals at high levels such as directors or managers work from home sometimes. The key to success in this type of job is good communication.

You need to have high energy and be able to juggle a number of tasks at a time. Keeping in touch with a team of professionals from home environment is not an easy task. However, good communication and keeping in touch with people around the world can help you a lot in becoming successful at this type of job.

Not forgetting continuous networking will develop this field for you no end.

Halal Income

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  2. I started my home baking business a few years back and it wasn’t long before it really kicked off. Word spread mainly through Facebook shares and promotions and now I have my own little unit going.

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