Stay Away From ClickFunnels

Stay Away From ClickFunnels

Stay Away From ClickFunnels

You’ve probably at some point seen an Ad for ClickFunnels on social media or heard someone mention it in marketing circles and groups and it probably sounds really exciting (even though you may not have a clue what it is or what it does!). Our advice is simple – If you are just starting out with your online venture stay away from ClickFunnels !

And to contradict ourselves we’re now going to say that ClickFunnels is actually a fantastic product and used in the right way can bring in huge profits. Confused? Don’t be. To put it simply ClickFunnels is something that will only really benefit once you have reached a certain point in your journey. Prior to that it will just drain your finances and put you off for life.

Let’s explain a little of what it is and what it does

ClickFunnels is a service intended to help any business grow through high conversion sales funnels. A sales funnel is simply a series of steps that a potential customer or client is put through to achieve a desired goal. These steps are automated and where you end up depends on your actions during the process.

An example of this is when you see a Facebook advert offering a freebie of some sorts or a really cheap product. You click the link and are redirected to a sales page. This sales page is called a landing page and can be used for all sorts of reasons.

It can be used to sell a product, a service, a course or simply designed just to get your details so they can contact you at a later point.

Let’s assume this one is a page selling a course on Google Adwords. You have clicked the advert which is offering Google Adword Insider Secrets for just $7! You think ‘This sounds fantastic’ and click the link.

You are then re-directed to a landing page (sales page) where sure enough you can purchase this PDF guide for $7, which you do. Then, before you get to checkout, another page opens up saying:

‘WAIT! Before you go get this upgrade to our Done For You Adwords Package where we do the work for you. It should $297 but you can get it now for just $97! You won’t get this offered again’

If you buy this additional course you may then be offered a third even higher priced course. However if you decline the first upgrade you then get another page saying:

‘Before we take payment why not add this additional course on xxx. It sells for $197 but you can have it for just $47 before the timer runs out’

This may be the last offer or you may have another one or two. Either way give yourself a pat on the back – You have just been through a sales funnel!

Plus they’ve got your details so will inevitable be sending you follow up emails with even better offers for things you don’t really need but they make you think that you do. Sales funnels can work with any product or service and work especially well with digital products.

These pages look really slick and tempting and seeing as most marketers and sellers don’t have the necessary coding skills to design them they rely on someone else to do all the hard work for the.

And that’s where ClickFunnels comes in. It saves the seller or marketer the trouble of having to deal with all the technical bits and a lot of hours of weeks of waiting in the process.

With this service, you can build and launch your online funnels much faster. In fact, you can do it in just 10 minutes, and without spending thousands of dollars in the process all without having to deal with many people and other third parties as would be the case when using the traditional model of creating marketing funnels.

Sounds Great! Why shouldn’t I use it?

Because in your early days you won’t be making enough money to cover the ClickFunnels cost let alone make any profit.

Currently the cheapest option for this service is $97 a month. You’ve also then got factor in your advertising costs. You will need to pay to place your adverts somewhere which the viewer will then click to land on your page. They’ve then got to purchase one of the upgrades to make it worth your while.

If you are selling courses for hundreds of dollars or pounds then it may be worth it as just one sale will mean a decent profit. But if you are working on small margins then it just isn’t worth it unless you can sell hundreds of whatever you might be selling e.g. fidget spinners when they came out.

Hopefully this will stop you signing up for yet another program that you don’t need.

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