Setting Up a Facebook Business Page

Setting Up a Facebook Business Page

Setting Up a Facebook Business Page

Facebook business pages have become the new way to get business bubbling. There are probably thousands of Facebook business pages out there, and we are constantly looking at these pages and discovering new items we may have never seen before, even finding that one thing we have been looking everywhere for. So, what makes the Facebook business page the hot new way to get your business going? And how do you go about setting up a Facebook business page so that people can see what you have to offer?

The first reason why people like to open Facebook business pages is because almost everyone has Facebook these days. Facebook is the most popular social media platform and people from all around the world can see what you share and what your business has to offer. Another reason is because you can open your Facebook business page for free.

With the hassles of shipping, maintaining websites and various other costs, it is a relief to know that your Facebook business page is completely free to open, and everyone can access it without you having to spend a dime. Of course, you can invest some money into the page, but we will come to that later. In the meantime, you could read this resource from The Final Step to prepare your businesses online security for when you brand grows bigger and becomes more desirable.

Looking for another reason to open a Facebook page? There is one: opening a Facebook page is extremely easy. You will be given the instructions and on how to open the page as you are opening one, and the user interface is also simple and familiar, so your potential customers will not be confused while sifting through everything in your business page. It may be worthwhile to run applications along side this if you wish. Consequentially, you can learn more about that right here.

So, what are you waiting for? Let us look at how to open a Facebook page, and how you can make the most out of opening one.

Opening and maintaining your Facebook business page is a simple, five step process. Before anything else, you need to make sure you have your own personal Facebook account. It is from this account you can create and maintain your Facebook business page. The first thing you have to do is decide what type of business you are. Are you a local business or are you opening a business page for a well-known brand? Is your page representing a community or an organization? There are six simple categories from which you can choose before moving on to the next step- the making of the page.

Before you start your page, you need to make sure you know enough about your business to properly market it to the Facebook community. This means you should be aware what type of business it is, for example, does it fall into personal grooming or education or sport and so on? There are a range of options for you to choose after you have picked your business page.

Then comes the naming of your page. If you already have an established business, this will not be much of a problem. If you are naming your business for the first time, do make sure to think it over and give your business a nice catchy name!

Choose your name with care! A lot of the times, even established businesses may face some problems making Facebook pages as their name may already exist. What you can do in this situation is add or take away some parts of the name to make it unique, for example if your store is called Green Tea Room and you find this name is already taken, you can make it The Green Tea Room or Green Tea Cafe or something of the sort.

Then comes the description of the page. Facebook will ask for a short and a long description of your business. Be ready to make your business look the best it ever can! You can also keep updating the range of services you offer as your business grows. After writing your descriptions, you can directly link your business website address to the page, so any potential customer will find no trouble finding your site.

After this, you will have to pick a URL code for your Facebook page. This simply means what to type into the website bar if someone wants to directly access your Facebook page. Make your URL code as simple as possible, perhaps something like so that more people can access your page and remember how to access it too.

After this, you have to pick a profile picture for your page, much like your personal Facebook account. The option for your business page is to use your business logo as the profile picture. If you do not have one, you can always choose a picture relevant to your business that will make people further interested in your products and services. You also need to have a cover photo; as most potential customers will not be interested in an incomplete business page. Again this is the same as choosing a cover photo for your personal Facebook account.

There are various ways to promote your page in Facebook. The first way to promote your business is to share your page, and get people to view your page. This is the easiest and cheapest way to start. Share with your friends and family and ask then to share onwards with their friends too. You’ll be surprised how quickly this can grow especially if you have a great product to promote.

You can create adverts directly through Facebook, and pay as less as $5 a day to reach as many as 3000 to 8000 people every day. You can also boost every post you make in your page. Some people are more likely to be interested in a particular item or service you may have rather than your whole business, so it is always wise to balance between promoting your page and your products.

While you create adverts for your Facebook page, you get to select the type of audience you think will be interested in your page. For example, you can select the age range, the location and even the language of your audience. This ability of reaching a more targeted audience is far more useful than using other means to advertise, such as using Google AdWords, where you cannot be as specific as this.

This means your advertisements on Facebook are more likely to be reaching potential customers than if you had used Google AdWords to advertise your business. In addition to everything else, your Facebook business page will allow you to speak one to one with your customers, who can directly message you through your Facebook page.

In short, there is a world of opportunities for your business in the realm of Facebook. What are you waiting for? Give yourself that big break you deserve, and get your business on Facebook! And remember you can create as many pages as you like too.

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  1. Good info guys. With Social Media becoming an everyday part of life it seems foolish not have some kind of ‘Business’ presence on Facebook even for a small part time venture.

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