Save on Clothes Shopping

Save on Clothes Shopping

Save on Clothes Shopping

Clothes can be really costly, especially when all the fads and trends come and go as the seasons. It is however possible to save money when buying your clothes. You just need to have the strategies and tactics on how you can save your money. Here are some tips on how to save when buying your clothes.

Don’t buy in Season clothes – different line of clothes come every season. And more often than not, they normally release new clothes at very high prices and normally they go down after a few months. Key is just patience to wait.

It may feel a little strange buying clothes this way to begin with but eventually the savings will start to add up and you will be surprised at how much you can actually save on clothes shopping.

For example, when winter comes, coats and sweaters are released, however, after a month, normal Sale or bargain prices will now be tagged on these clothes. If you were smart enough to wait, you can still wear these clothes during the remaining days of winter and the coming fall.

• Wait for Factory Sales – When Factories put out their sale season, clothes can be cut from 40%-90% off the original price. Imagine how big this saving is! Also, going directly to the Manufacturer’s store is a helpful tip on getting a good deal on clothes.

However, it is important to remember and avoid buying clothes just because the prices are really low, you might not even wear the clothes, and the concept of saving is put to waste.

• Bargain – Always visit your favourite store and befriend the sales people there. You can then ask for the possible dates of SALE and bargains wherein you can save at a minimum of 20% off the original price of your desired clothes.

• Buy two different sizes and two different colours – If you have kids, it is very advisable to actually get two sizes, since children grow up really fast. Also, buying two colours means you will have have variety, only if the clothes are already at their reduced rates of course.

• Shop Online – Nowadays, there are many clothing stores online. And, most of the clothing lines have their own websites where you can online shop. Always check the returns policy though as sometimes the cost of returning/exchanging may outweigh the initial savings.

Like the regular stores, the online shops have their season for SALE and BARGAINS as well. Just make a habit of checking regularly your favourite clothing line to wait for these awaited bargains.

• Sign up for your Favourite Boutique’s mailing list – be sure to sign up for your favourite clothing store’s mailing list, newsletter and catalogues. In this way, you will be updated and be the first one to know of the upcoming On Sale Items and the new releases of the trendy clothes as well.

• Coupon Codes and Coupon Cards – if shopping online is your thing, there are many coupon codes that can be found online that could give you a cut off of the original price of your favourite online store.

You can also put the “online coupon” or “coupon code” in your favourite search engines such as Google and you will be given a list of sites that could provide you best deals for your retailers.

• In-Store Credit Cards – many boutiques nowadays, offer in-store credit cards. All you need to do is apply for a credit card of your own, especially if you have a favourite store where you frequently buy your clothes. Normally, these credit cards give good discounts on clothes being sold in that particular boutique.

Also, the cardholders normally get special coupons, birthday discounts and other relative discounts every holiday and often you can get a minimum of 5% up to 15% discounts.

Other benefits of these are free delivery, being updated of the new arrival of clothes and rebates. However, this tactic only is beneficial if you plan to pay your credit card bill a day after you have purchased the product. This is because credit card companies charge an awful lot of finance fees and interests. It may not even counterbalance the savings you intentionally wanted in applying for the credit card.

• Get a part-time job at your favourite store – This could be either yourself, friend or family member. A lot of shoppers apply and get part time jobs on their favourite outlet. This will give them extra money for their job and employee’s discounts on the clothes being sold in that particular store.

Remember if you’re buying for the whole family then adding up yours, your partners and kids clothes makes for a fantastic saving on clothes shopping.

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