Low Capital Part Time Ventures

Low Capital Part Time Ventures

Low Capital Part-Time Ventures

Recent upbeat economic data showing reduction in unemployment has increased hopes of a better future. However, one catch in the report is that the number of part-time jobs has increased signalling to a reluctance of employers to hire permanent staff fearing the economy may not have fully recovered yet.

Part-time jobs are never enough to lead a comfortable life. Therefore, the need for a business is always there. You may want to do a business to make ends meet or just to follow your passion, but you can always try the following ways to help you generate that extra cash.


We all love kids. But looking after kids isn’t as fun as it sounds. And if you are looking at babysitting, then the task is even more difficult. However, it is still a nice way to earn extra cash and if you are lucky and the baby has enough sleep, you will always have time to do something extra on the internet.

Before you turn to this profession, make sure you satisfy Ofsted rules. Any adult who is tasked to look after a child for more than two hours outside the child’s home has to register with Ofsted. Make sure you get this sorted out as it can have grave legal repercussions.

Computer Helper

It is getting easier and easier to use technology. However, many people still look at a computer as a daunting machine and are scared when it behaves strangely. You can be a computer repairer or a trouble-shooter if you know your way around a computer.

The number of older people including pensioners getting in the the internet scene has risen massively over recent years. This could provide a niche market on it’s own.

Cosmetic Sales

Any person with good social skills can turn to a business like this. Selling cosmetic items can bring in some good revenue. Your main point of selling will be through meeting people and through parties at other people’s homes so make sure you work on your social skills before you get into this business.

Do this one right and your diary will soon be heaving.

Data Entry

This one may not be the most sought-after part-time jobs in the world and certainly not the most exciting. All you have to do is enter data into computer and you get paid not by the hour but by the amount of entries you make. This means you can always sneak in a few bucks if you have a few minutes to spare.

Dinner Presentation

Do you love to cook? Here is a job that you will really enjoy if you can cook. All you have to do is offer your services to people you know to cook for them on a party. Your employer gets a good time with his guests while you can do some cooking in other people’s kitchen.

The plus here is you’re not making a mess in your own kitchen.

Garage Garden Sales

You do not always have to sell your own stuff at a garage sale. If your home is at a nice location on the street, you can always ask other people and offer them help with selling their stuff at your garage sale with some commission. Over time, everyone will know your house as the one with the garage sale every weekend or month and your business will get better!

Gardening Services

Many people out there like to just reap the rewards and not to do the hard work. If you are good at gardening, you can offer your services to those who just want access to fresh flowers without having to work on growing them up.

You can establish a nice round in your own area here so no distance traveling either.

Greeting Cards

We have all made self-created greeting cards in school. Why not recall that skill and churn out some beautiful cards to sell? Wake up the designer inside you to make the full out of this useful small business opportunity.

All the above can be set up with minimal capital and provide business generated by word of mouth.

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