Cost Price Websites – Affordable Website Designers

Cost Price Websites - Affordable Website DesignersCost Price Websites – Affordable Website Designers

Now here’s a company that really deserves a mention. If you ever need a website then this is the place to go. And the reason they come with our recommendation is because they set this very site up too! So if you need a website for personal, business or ecommerce purposes check out Cost Price Websites – Affordable Website Designers.

In the words of the owner:

In a nutshell we offer an extremely affordable Web Design and Hosting service that will get you or your business looking slick out there in the World Wide Web.

Our aim is to keep it simple and straightforward as possible without compromising that all important end result – Your Website.

Here at Cost Price Websites we find it incredible that customers are still paying way over the odds for getting their website designed and up and running.

With the technology and tools available today there is absolutely no reason why this process should cost you an arm and a leg

I first started looking at websites back in early 2000 and it seemed like a whole new alien world to me. I figured you needed a brain like Einstein to set one up and the bank balance of Bill Gates.

Now the actual design process has changed massively, with websites being set up left right and centre. They are quicker to set up, look so much better than before and more importantly are so much easier to maintain and update.

However…. One thing that hasn’t changed is that it can still cost a fortune to have one built! But Why? With the unprecedented growth in computer technology over the last few years there is absolutely no need to charge high end prices for a classy looking website.

Whether you’re just starting out or working all hours trying to grow your business, it’s all stressful enough without having to worry about who you can trust to create your perfect website and whether you can afford it.

I remember the times where I would fill out countless enquiry forms on websites only to find out days later the cost was way too much for me – sometimes five times over my budget. Why couldn’t they just be upfront on their website to save everyone’s time?

Also once your website is complete we won’t disappear. No, we are going to stick around a bit longer to make sure there are no teething problems and to iron out any little niggles. If you want we even offer on-going support so we’ll always be there when you need us.

You will deal with one dedicated web designer who understands your needs and will keep you regularly updated. They will also offer any extra advice or services that you may need

Myself and a team of super talented Web Designers came up with this solution. Our aim is simple – to provide you with an awesome website at an affordable price. We don’t compromise on the design only on the cost.

We completely understand your needs whether you are a personal blogger, a sole trader or a small business looking at growing your online presence, you have the same basic goal – to get a slick looking website online as soon as possible without costing an arm and a leg – and that is exactly what you will get!

I have personally spent a small fortune on websites in the past when I was setting out in business and know how much this hurts the pocket (and your head). This bugged me even more when I realised that the actual costs to the designer were nowhere near what I was being charged. I’m all for making a profit in business but not to that extent.

So here we are. We hope to offer a straightforward and simple cost effective process with nothing to hide. Our prices are shown upfront with no hidden costs to bite you in the bum later.

We specialise in providing small to medium businesses, sole-traders, community organisations and individuals with beautiful and affordable websites that look amazing viewed from any device (that’s what a Responsive Website does). Being independent means we can place customer service and satisfaction above everything else.

Cost Price Websites - Affordable Website Designers


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