A Simple Interview Tip

A Simple Interview Tip

A simple Interview Tip

Don’t Forget to Say, “Thank You”

One of the biggest mistakes for job seekers is to not follow up an important interview with a thank you note to the people who interviewed them. Human Resources experts note that as few as 10% of interviewees take the time to say, “Thank You.” Let’s take a look as why writing a thank you is the right thing to do and list some tips on how to write one.

If you are a candidate for a particular position you need every edge possible to land a job. Writing a thank you note is important because:

1. It reinforces your interest in the position.

2. A note shows your professionalism and suggests that you are organized, reliable, and efficient. It also underscores that you know how to deliver a personal touch. If your job is in customer service, companies will see the note as especially advantageous.

3. It proves that you understand proper business protocol.

For two candidates of equal strength and competency, the thank you note may be the tiebreaker people of hiring authority will use when selecting the winning candidate.

Content of Your Thank You Note

Your thank you note should mention the following:

1. Reiterate your interest in the position.

2. Reiterate one key point of the interview. For example, if you learned that the company is launching a new product line the following year and you will have an important part in its launch, you could state how you will further the goals of the company in helping to roll out the new product line.

3. Stress that you are looking forward to a follow up meeting. Optional: Tell the person you are writing to that you will contact them within a certain time to follow up.

You can either type or print your note. If you type, use standard business paper and a matching envelope. If you write, a thank you note card or a generic card is acceptable. Be careful not to get anything too flashy unless your field is flashy {e.g., the fashion industry}.

Email isn’t wrong, but you have no guarantee that the person will receive your note unless you request a return receipt. Approximately eighty percent of all email is spam; why risk having your thank you note lost in a junk mail folder?
And when you post it spend a couple of quid on recorded delivery. It may be the best interview investment you make.

In this age of strict competition for plum positions, you cannot afford to not say thank you in writing. Give yourself every edge possible and use the thank you note as your opportunity to show potential employers why they should hire you. Hopefully this simple interview tip will get you that dream job.

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