Halal Work From Home Business

Halal Work From Home Business

Halal Work from Home Business

Are you tired of working for someone else? Many people out there are in the same boat as you. They have the skills, the knowledge and the enthusiasm to be their own boss but something is holding them back. It’s about time you set up up your own Halal Work From Home Business.

There is the fear element of setting up on your own, being the top dog. If you think about it clearly though having a manager or company take your hard work and make himself lots of profit is a scarier and frustrating proposition.

Charles Bukowski once said “They never abolished slavery they simply extended it to include all the races”. This is so very true. Going into an office and working 9-5 without any real control or choice is the modern day slave trade. Wage slaves account for the vast
majority of the workforce. People who are doing something they don’t want to do and have little or no alternative.

The good news is that there are alternatives and working from home is very much a potential possibility for people in the modern world. Imagine being able to get up when you want, work hard or not when you choose and have the flexibility to live your life as you want.
You don’t have to completely jump ship from your present job it’s probably a safer manoeuvre to start building up your home business in your free time.

Where do I start?

It’s very easy to get the ball rolling on working from home. Your only initial requirement is a laptop and a wifi connection. It is as simple as that in terms of equipment, nothing too fancy is required.

You then need to decide what it is you are going to sell. Whether it is wool socks you knitted yourself, hand made jewellery boxes or even a service such as book-keeping or online cooking advice, the method is the same. You start writing articles and blogs about the products or service.

It’s simple to start a blog. There are many different websites such as WordPress or blog.com and it’s all free. So after setting up your free blog, just start writing.

This may sound daunting but as the Infinite Monkey Theorem goes if you leave a monkey pressing keys randomly for infinity he will almost surely rewrite the works of Shakespeare. So if monkeys can write like Shakespeare anyone can manage a blog. The lan-guage doesn’t need to be fancy at all just precise and informative.

You should give an accurate and honest description of the benefits your product will bring to a customer. For example if you are selling hand knitted wool socks you could explain the benefits of these over say cotton socks by describing that wool is much warmer and more
waterproof than cotton. The key is to focus on the benefits and tell a story around them.

Selling a service could focus on around the fact that this will then free up the user of your service to concentrate on other tasks and growing their own business.

Setting up a website

As you get busier it may be time to extend your blog into a more functional website. You can learn how to make your own website here and this is not as difficult as it seems. You probably have an image of an ultra nerd with thick rimmed glasses being the only person who can put a website together but times have changed. You can create a website with no technical knowledge at all. Try the step by step guide in the above mentioned website and see how you get on, you will be surprised.

Social Media

Promoting your product will be primarily through your blog but don’t underestimate the power of social media to spread the word. You will need a Facebook page, a Twitter account and maybe an
Instagram account too. There are apps now that allow you to post to all three at the same time so it will save you some time.

Facebook is a great way to get your product out there and remember there is no ‘Dislike’ button so don’t be afraid of criticism. Most people will be happy to share your posts and the network of people your product is exposed to,will grow and grow. Probably ninety percent of us already have a personal Facebook page and setting up a business one is just as straightforward..

Twitter is a key tool for letting people know about your product and if they like it, they will retweet it to their followers. Twitter may not be so big in the UK but is massive in the States. So if you start off after 2 weeks having 50 followers and one or two of those followers retweets to their 1000 followers you can reach over 2000 people.

That’s huge market exposure. Even if you are a self confessed technophobe you can gain mastery over social media by asking any young nephew,niece or friend. Most people will be happy to help out as long as you’re not afraid of them calling you a caveman for not knowing already.

Pros and Cons

Lets start with the cons of working from home:

1. At home there are many distractions. The tv is sitting in the corner whispering to you to turn it on. You can browse the internet or call a friend there is no boss to tell you what you can’t do. You need to be disciplined. Pretend you are in an office and treat it like that. Only take scheduled breaks to avoid the temptation to ‘misbehave’.

2. It can be lonely at home without work colleagues to have a laugh with. Depending on where you work people can make work a lot more enjoyable, but of course there are frustrating
people also so its a double edged sword.

3. No separation between work and social life. You could find yourself sitting in on a Friday even-ing responding to emails from customers. It’s important to create clear boundaries and cut off points. For instance not responding to emails after 7pm or something like that. You need to make a clear distinction between work and leisure.

The pros of working from home:

1. You are the boss nobody gives you orders. You are free to make the decisions you see fit and adjust the process to suit.

2. You have flexibility over how and when you choose to work. The deadlines are down to you as is the content.

3. All the profits are yours. No boss to take a cut and no employees to pay.

In Conclusion

The days of having a boss could soon be over for you if you so please. No more master to bark orders at you. We have discussed how this is possible and the ease with which you can do it. You need to be very disciplined though as at home there are many distractions but being free from an office is a liberation for many.

Hopefully there will be a lot more coming in this section to help and guide you to becoming your own boss. If you prefer you may sign up to our Halal Income Project which is completely free and will provide all the instructions to setting up a website and finding ideas to work with.


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7 thoughts on “Halal Work From Home Business”

  1. I started off working from home with a simple T-Shirt printing idea. I used social media initially to get the word around then set up a website promoting my designs.

    By the end of the second year I was making approx. £2000-£2500 profit every month. I then found a buyer for the business which I sold at near enough £10000 and focussed on the new ‘family addition’ lol.

    Now I’m ready to get going again so let’s see how far I can go this time 🙂

  2. The fastest and easiest way to make money online is through affiliate marketing. And you don’t need to be a computer or IT expert to learn how either.

  3. These days with the ease and convenience of technology anyone can set up a little business or hobby from home. You just have to take that first step and you will soon realise how fantastic the internet really is.

  4. One of the hardest things when starting up on your own is taking that first step. Many like me are terrified of the internet and fear they lack the ability or experience to make any sense of it all.

    For me it’s the best thing I have ever done and with your help am now making steady progress.

    Keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks for the comments Patti. Yes this was one of the reasons for promoting our Halal Income Programme, to help those with limited internet skills to set up their very own little online business.

      And from the feedback we are getting you guys are loving it! 🙂

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